Jun Shi
Jun Shi
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Review of artificial intelligence techniques in imaging data acquisition, segmentation, and diagnosis for COVID-19
F Shi, J Wang, J Shi, Z Wu, Q Wang, Z Tang, K He, Y Shi, D Shen
IEEE reviews in biomedical engineering 14, 4-15, 2020
Multimodal neuroimaging feature learning with multimodal stacked deep polynomial networks for diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
J Shi, X Zheng, Y Li, Q Zhang, S Ying
IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics 22 (1), 173-183, 2017
Deep learning based classification of breast tumors with shear-wave elastography
Q Zhang, Y Xiao, W Dai, J Suo, C Wang, J Shi, H Zheng
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Sonomyography: Monitoring morphological changes of forearm muscles in actions with the feasibility for the control of powered prosthesis
YP Zheng, MMF Chan, J Shi, X Chen, QH Huang
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Stacked deep polynomial network based representation learning for tumor classification with small ultrasound image dataset
J Shi, S Zhou, X Liu, Q Zhang, M Lu, T Wang
Neurocomputing 194, 87-94, 2016
Assessment of muscle fatigue using sonomyography: Muscle thickness change detected from ultrasound images
J Shi, YP Zheng, X Chen, QH Huang
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Shearlet-based texture feature extraction for classification of breast tumor in ultrasound image
S Zhou, J Shi, J Zhu, Y Cai, R Wang
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COVID-AL: The diagnosis of COVID-19 with deep active learning
X Wu, C Chen, M Zhong, J Wang, J Shi
Medical Image Analysis 68, 101913, 2021
Continuous monitoring of sonomyography, electromyography and torque generated by normal upper arm muscles during isometric contraction: sonomyography assessment for arm muscles
J Shi, YP Zheng, QH Huang, X Chen
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Lightweight adaptive weighted network for single image super-resolution
Z Li, C Wang, J Wang, S Ying, J Shi
Computer Vision and Image Understanding 211, 103254, 2021
Sonoelastomics for breast tumor classification: a radiomics approach with clustering-based feature selection on sonoelastography
Q Zhang, Y Xiao, J Suo, J Shi, J Yu, Y Guo, Y Wang, H Zheng
Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology 43 (5), 1058-1069, 2017
MR image super-resolution via wide residual networks with fixed skip connection
J Shi, Z Li, S Ying, C Wang, Q Liu, Q Zhang, P Yan
IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics 23 (3), 1129-1140, 2018
Histopathological image classification with bilinear convolutional neural networks
C Wang, J Shi, Q Zhang, S Ying
2017 39th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2017
Super-resolution reconstruction of MR image with a novel residual learning network algorithm
J Shi, Q Liu, C Wang, Q Zhang, S Ying, H Xu
Physics in Medicine & Biology 63 (8), 085011, 2018
A two-stage multi-view learning framework based computer-aided diagnosis of liver tumors with contrast enhanced ultrasound images
LH Guo, D Wang, YY Qian, X Zheng, CK Zhao, XL Li, XW Bo, WW Yue, ...
Clinical hemorheology and microcirculation 69 (3), 343-354, 2018
Histopathological image classification with color pattern random binary hashing-based PCANet and matrix-form classifier
J Shi, J Wu, Y Li, Q Zhang, S Ying
IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics 21 (5), 1327-1337, 2016
Estimation of wrist angle from sonomyography using support vector machine and artificial neural network models
HB Xie, YP Zheng, JY Guo, X Chen, J Shi
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Measurement of depth-dependence and anisotropy of ultrasound speed of bovine articular cartilage in vitro
SG Patil, YP Zheng, JY Wu, J Shi
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Manifold preserving: An intrinsic approach for semisupervised distance metric learning
S Ying, Z Wen, J Shi, Y Peng, J Peng, H Qiao
IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems 29 (7), 2731-2742, 2017
Sonomyography (SMG) control for powered prosthetic hand: a study with normal subjects
X Chen, YP Zheng, JY Guo, J Shi
Ultrasound in medicine & biology 36 (7), 1076-1088, 2010
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