Russell Dinnage
Russell Dinnage
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Interdisciplinary research has consistently lower funding success
L Bromham, R Dinnage, X Hua
Nature 534 (7609), 684-687, 2016
Phylogenetic diversity promotes ecosystem stability
M Cadotte, R Dinnage, GD Tilman
Ecology, 2012
ENMTools 1.0: an R package for comparative ecological biogeography
DL Warren, NJ Matzke, M Cardillo, JB Baumgartner, LJ Beaumont, ...
Ecography 44 (4), 504-511, 2021
Diversity of plant evolutionary lineages promotes arthropod diversity
R Dinnage, MW Cadotte, NM Haddad, GM Crutsinger, D Tilman
Ecology letters 15 (11), 1308-1317, 2012
Disturbance alters the phylogenetic composition and structure of plant communities in an old field system
R Dinnage
PLoS One 4 (9), e7071, 2009
phyr: An r package for phylogenetic species‐distribution modelling in ecological communities
D Li, R Dinnage, LA Nell, MR Helmus, AR Ives
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 11 (11), 1455-1463, 2020
Global predictors of language endangerment and the future of linguistic diversity
L Bromham, R Dinnage, H Skirgård, A Ritchie, M Cardillo, F Meakins, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 6 (2), 163-173, 2022
Symbiosis limits establishment of legumes outside their native range at a global scale
AK Simonsen, R Dinnage, LG Barrett, SM Prober, PH Thrall
Nature Communications 8 (14790), 2017
Environmental variation has stronger effects than plant genotype on competition among plant species
MTJ Johnson, R Dinnage, AY Zhou, MD Hunter
Journal of Ecology, 947-955, 2008
Larger plants promote a greater diversity of symbiotic nitrogen‐fixing soil bacteria associated with an Australian endemic legume
R Dinnage, AK Simonsen, LG Barrett, M Cardillo, N Raisbeck‐Brown, ...
Journal of Ecology 107 (2), 977-991, 2019
Competition-similarity relationships and the nonlinearity of competitive effects in consumer-resource systems
PA Abrams, C Rueffler, R Dinnage
The American Naturalist 172 (4), 463-474, 2008
Grambank reveals the importance of genealogical constraints on linguistic diversity and highlights the impact of language loss
H Skirgård, HJ Haynie, DE Blasi, H Hammarström, J Collins, JJ Latarche, ...
Science Advances 9 (16), eadg6175, 2023
New methods for measuring ENM breadth and overlap in environmental space
DL Warren, LJ Beaumont, R Dinnage, JB Baumgartner
Ecography 42 (3), 444-446, 2019
The relationship between environmental niche breadth and geographic range size across plant species
M Cardillo, R Dinnage, W McAlister
Journal of Biogeography 46 (1), 97-109, 2019
Phylogenetic diversity of plants alters the effect of species richness on invertebrate herbivory
R Dinnage
PeerJ 1, e93, 2013
There is little evidence that spicy food in hot countries is an adaptation to reducing infection risk
L Bromham, A Skeels, H Schneemann, R Dinnage, X Hua
Nature Human Behaviour 5 (7), 878-891, 2021
Spatiophylogenetic modelling of extinction risk reveals evolutionary distinctiveness and brief flowering period as threats in a hotspot plant genus
R Dinnage, A Skeels, M Cardillo
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287 (1926), 20192817, 2020
Explaining ecosystem multifunction with evolutionary models
MW Cadotte, SW Livingstone, SLE Yasui, R Dinnage, J Li, R Marushia, ...
Ecology 98 (12), 3175-3187, 2017
Phylogenetic diversity metrics from molecular phylogenies: modelling expected degree of error under realistic rate variation
AM Ritchie, X Hua, M Cardillo, KJ Yaxley, R Dinnage, L Bromham
Diversity and Distributions 27 (1), 164-178, 2021
Diet disparity and diversity predict extinction risk in primates
FF Machado, L Jardim, R Dinnage, D Brito, M Cardillo
Animal Conservation 26 (3), 331-339, 2023
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