Daan Brinks
Daan Brinks
Associate Professor, Dept. of Imaging Physics, Delft University of Technology
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Quantum coherent energy transfer over varying pathways in single light-harvesting complexes
R Hildner, D Brinks, JB Nieder, RJ Cogdell, NF Van Hulst
Science 340 (6139), 1448-1451, 2013
Voltage imaging and optogenetics reveal behaviour-dependent changes in hippocampal dynamics
Y Adam, JJ Kim, S Lou, Y Zhao, ME Xie, D Brinks, H Wu, ...
Nature 569 (7756), 413-417, 2019
Bright and fast multicoloured voltage reporters via electrochromic FRET
P Zou, Y Zhao, AD Douglass, DR Hochbaum, D Brinks, CA Werley, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 4625, 2014
Aluminum for nonlinear plasmonics: resonance-driven polarized luminescence of Al, Ag, and Au nanoantennas
M Castro-Lopez, D Brinks, R Sapienza, NF Van Hulst
Nano letters 11 (11), 4674-4678, 2011
Visualizing and controlling vibrational wave packets of single molecules
D Brinks, FD Stefani, F Kulzer, R Hildner, TH Taminiau, Y Avlasevich, ...
Nature 465 (7300), 905-908, 2010
Femtosecond coherence and quantum control of single molecules at room temperature
R Hildner, D Brinks, NF Van Hulst
Nature Physics 7, 172-177, 2010
A bright and fast red fluorescent protein voltage indicator that reports neuronal activity in organotypic brain slices
AS Abdelfattah, SL Farhi, Y Zhao, D Brinks, P Zou, A Ruangkittisakul, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 36 (8), 2458-2472, 2016
Ultrafast dynamics of single molecules
D Brinks, R Hildner, EMHP Van Dijk, FD Stefani, JB Nieder, J Hernando, ...
Chemical Society Reviews 43 (8), 2476-2491, 2014
Two-photon lifetime imaging of voltage indicating proteins as a probe of absolute membrane voltage
D Brinks, AJ Klein, AE Cohen
Biophysical journal 109 (5), 914-921, 2015
Phase control of femtosecond pulses on the nanoscale using second harmonic nanoparticles
N Accanto, JB Nieder, L Piatkowski, M Castro-Lopez, F Pastorelli, ...
Light: Science & Applications 3 (1), e143-e143, 2014
Plasmonic antennas as design elements for coherent ultrafast nanophotonics
D Brinks, M Castro-Lopez, R Hildner, NF van Hulst
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (46), 18386-18390, 2013
Beating spatio-temporal coupling: implications for pulse shaping and coherent control experiments
D Brinks, R Hildner, FD Stefani, NF Van Hulst
Optics Express 19 (27), 26486-26499, 2011
Flash memory: photochemical imprinting of neuronal action potentials onto a microbial rhodopsin
V Venkatachalam, D Brinks, D Maclaurin, D Hochbaum, J Kralj, AE Cohen
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (6), 2529-2537, 2014
Electronic coherences and vibrational wave-packets in single molecules studied with femtosecond phase-controlled spectroscopy
R Hildner, D Brinks, FD Stefani, NF van Hulst
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (5), 1888-1894, 2011
Photoactivated voltage imaging in tissue with an archaerhodopsin-derived reporter
MP Chien, D Brinks, G Testa-Silva, H Tian, F Phil Brooks III, Y Adam, ...
Science Advances 7 (19), eabe3216, 2021
All-optical electrophysiology reveals brain-state dependent changes in hippocampal subthreshold dynamics and excitability
Y Adam, JJ Kim, S Lou, Y Zhao, D Brinks, H Wu, MA Mostajo-Radji, ...
bioRxiv, 281618, 2018
Coherent control of single molecules at room temperature
D Brinks, R Hildner, FD Stefani, NF Van Hulst
Faraday Discussions 153, 51-60, 2011
Painting with rainbows: patterning light in space, time, and wavelength for multiphoton optogenetic sensing and control
D Brinks, Y Adam, S Kheifets, AE Cohen
Accounts of Chemical Research 49 (11), 2518-2526, 2016
Linking the genotypes and phenotypes of cancer cells in heterogenous populations via real-time optical tagging and image analysis
L You, PR Su, M Betjes, RG Rad, TC Chou, C Beerens, E van Oosten, ...
Nature biomedical engineering 6 (5), 667-675, 2022
Two-photon photoactivated voltage imaging in tissue with an Archaerhodopsin-derived reporter
MP Chien, D Brinks, Y Adam, W Bloxham, S Kheifets, AE Cohen
arXiv preprint arXiv:1710.10080, 2017
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