Raoof Negaresh
Raoof Negaresh
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Effects of exercise training on cytokines and adipokines in multiple sclerosis: a systematic review
R Negaresh, RW Motl, M Mokhtarzade, U Dalgas, D Patel, MM Shamsi, ...
Multiple sclerosis and related disorders 24, 91-100, 2018
Exercise-induced changes in neurotrophic factors and markers of blood-brain barrier permeability are moderated by weight status in multiple sclerosis
M Mokhtarzade, R Motl, R Negaresh, P Zimmer, M Khodadoost, JS Baker, ...
Neuropeptides 70, 93-100, 2018
Effects of exercise training on multiple sclerosis biomarkers of central nervous system and disease status: a systematic review of intervention studies
R Negaresh, RW Motl, P Zimmer, M Mokhtarzade, JS Baker
European Journal of Neurology 26 (5), 711-721, 2019
Skeletal muscle hypertrophy, insulin-like growth factor 1, myostatin and follistatin in healthy and sarcopenic elderly men: the effect of whole-body resistance training
R Negaresh, R Ranjbar, JS Baker, A Habibi, M Mokhtarzade, ...
International journal of preventive medicine 10, 2019
Acute responses of cytokines and adipokines to aerobic exercise in relapsing vs. remitting women with multiple sclerosis
N Majdinasab, RW Motl, M Mokhtarzade, P Zimmer, R Ranjbar, ...
Complementary therapies in clinical practice 31, 295-301, 2018
Effects of different dosages of caffeine administration on wrestling performance during a simulated tournament
R Negaresh, J Del Coso, M Mokhtarzade, AE Lima-Silva, JS Baker, ...
European journal of sport science 19 (4), 499-507, 2019
Weight control and physical exercise in people with multiple sclerosis: Current knowledge and future perspectives
M Mokhtarzade, H Agha-Alinejad, RW Motl, R Negaresh, JS Baker, ...
Complementary therapies in medicine 43, 240-246, 2019
Effect of short-term interval exercise training on fatigue, depression, and fitness in normal weight vs. overweight person with multiple sclerosis
R Negaresh, R Motl, M Mokhtarzade, R Ranjbar, N Majdinasab, ...
Explore 15 (2), 134-141, 2019
Effect of 8-Week Resistance Training on Hypertrophy, Strength, and Myostatin Concentration in Old and Young Men
R Negaresh, R Ranjbar, MM Gharibvand, A Habibi, M Moktarzade
Iranian Journal of Ageing 12 (1), 56-67, 2017
Reliability and validity of a novel futsal special performance test designed to measure skills and anaerobic performance
F Farhani, H Rajabi, R Negaresh, A Ali, SA Shalamzari, JS Baker
International journal of sports physiology and performance 14 (8), 1096-1102, 2019
The effect of resistance training on quadriceps muscle volume and some growth factors in elderly and young men
R Negaresh, R Ranjbar, A Habibi, M Mokhtarzade, A Fokin, ...
Успехи геронтологии 30 (6), 2017
The relationship between muscle volume and strength and some factors associated with sarcopenia in old men compared with young men
R Negaresh, R Ranjbar, A Habibi, MM Gharibvand
Zanko journal of Medical Sciences 17 (54), 23-34, 2016
The effects of eight weeks of resistance training on some muscle hypertrophy and physiological parameters in elderly men
R Negaresh, R Ranjbar, A Habibi, MM Gharibvand
Journal of Geriatric Nursing 3 (1), 62-75, 2016
Association of relapse of multiple sclerosis with increased serum levels of leptin and decreased aerobic capacity in women
JOURNAL OF ISFAHAN MEDICAL SCHOOL (IUMS) 34 (403), 1251-1255, 2016
Effect of combined exercise training on pentraxins and pro-inflammatory cytokines in people with multiple sclerosis as a function of disability status
M Faramarzi, E Banitalebi, Z Raisi, M Samieyan, Z Saberi, ...
Cytokine 134, 155196, 2020
BDNF and orexin-A response to aerobic exercise are moderated by the meal consumption before exercise in overweight men: Effect of high-carbohydrate, high-protein and high-fat meals
MM Ghahfarrokhi, A Habibi, AA Alizadeh, R Negaresh, MM Shahi, ...
Science & Sports 35 (4), 228-236, 2020
Exercise improves neurotrophins in multiple sclerosis independent of disability status
E Banitalebi, MM Ghahfarrokhi, R Negaresh, A Kazemi, M Faramarzi, ...
Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders, 102143, 2020
Exercise training and cognitive performance in persons with multiple sclerosis: A systematic review and multilevel meta-analysis of clinical trials
R Gharakhanlou, L Wesselmann, A Rademacher, A Lampit, R Negaresh, ...
Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 1352458520917935, 2020
Investigation of the relationship between fitness and physical activity level with serum levels of nerve growth factor and markers of blood-brain permeability in people with …
M Khodadoost, R Negaresh, M Mokhtarzade, R Rabjbar
Medical Science Journal of Islamic Azad Univesity-Tehran Medical Branch 29 …, 2019
Wrestlers reveal similar growth factors and hormonal concentration responses to resistance training with active compared to passive recovery between sets: results from a pilot …
S Talebvand, M Ghanbarzade, R Ranjbar, J Baker, R Negaresh, D Curby
Growth Factors, 2018
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