Tao Jiang
Tao Jiang
Professor of Chemistry at Xiamen University
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Structurally defined nanoscale sheets from self-assembly of collagen-mimetic peptides
T Jiang, C Xu, Y Liu, Z Liu, JS Wall, X Zuo, T Lian, K Salaita, C Ni, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (11), 4300-4308, 2014
Random heteropolymers preserve protein function in foreign environments
B Panganiban, B Qiao, T Jiang, C DelRe, MM Obadia, TD Nguyen, ...
Science 359 (6381), 1239-1243, 2018
Structurally homogeneous nanosheets from self‐assembly of a collagen‐mimetic peptide
T Jiang, C Xu, X Zuo, VP Conticello
Angewandte Chemie 126 (32), 8507-8511, 2014
Controlling self-assembly of a peptide-based material via metal-ion induced registry shift
P Anzini, C Xu, S Hughes, E Magnotti, T Jiang, L Hemmingsen, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (28), 10278-10281, 2013
Rational design of multilayer collagen nanosheets with compositional and structural control
T Jiang, OA Vail, Z Jiang, X Zuo, VP Conticello
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (24), 7793-7802, 2015
Structurally Ordered Nanowire Formation from Co-Assembly of DNA Origami and Collagen-Mimetic Peptides
T Jiang, TA Meyer, C Modlin, X Zuo, VP Conticello, Y Ke
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (40), 14025-14028, 2017
Developing a genetically encoded green fluorescent protein mutant for sensitive light-up fluorescent sensing and cellular imaging of Hg (II)
T Jiang, D Guo, Q Wang, X Wu, Z Li, Z Zheng, B Yin, L Xia, J Tang, W Luo, ...
Analytica Chimica Acta 876, 77-82, 2015
Single-chain heteropolymers transport protons selectively and rapidly
T Jiang, A Hall, M Eres, Z Hemmatian, B Qiao, Y Zhou, Z Ruan, AD Couse, ...
Nature 577 (7789), 216-220, 2020
Geometrical frustration as a potential design principle for peptide-based assemblies
T Jiang, EL Magnotti, VP Conticello
Interface focus 7 (6), 20160141, 2017
Random Heteropolymers Preserve Protein Function in Foreign Environments
T Xu, B Panganiban, T Jiang
US Patent App. 16/907,284, 2020
Optimizing random heteropolymers to improve protein folding in cell-free synthesis
Z Ruan, T Jiang, T Xu
APS 2019, L70. 120, 2019
Programmable Fabrication of Multilayer Collagen Nanosheets of Defined Composition
T Jiang, VP Conticello
Peptide Self-Assembly, 221-232, 2018
Nature-Inspired Polymer Design with Protein-Like Functionality
T Jiang, B Qiao, M Olvera De La Cruz, T Xu
APS 2018, R55. 013, 2018
Self-assembling collagen-like polypeptide sequences for applications and uses related thereto
VP Conticello, T Jiang
US Patent 9,725,499, 2017
Polymer-Mediated Synthesis and Incorporation of Membrane Protein in Phospholipid Vesicles
T Jiang, T Xu
Biophysical Journal 112 (3), 205a, 2017
Two-Dimensional Self-Assembly of Collagen-Mimetic Peptides
T Jiang
Emory University, 2015
基于 GFP 高灵敏荧光增强型 Hg2+ 传感研究
高灵敏荧光增强型 Hg (Ⅱ) 传感研究
姜涛, 郭黛苹, 王茜, 罗文新, 夏宁邵, 江云宝
第六届全国化学生物学学术会议论文摘要集, 2009
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