Jiahong Chen
Jiahong Chen
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Automated water quality survey and evaluation using an IoT platform with mobile sensor nodes
T Li, M Xia, J Chen, Y Zhao, C De Silva
Sensors 17 (8), 1735, 2017
An energy-efficient dual prediction scheme using LMS filter and LSTM in wireless sensor networks for environment monitoring
T Shu, J Chen, VK Bhargava, CW de Silva
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 6 (4), 6736-6747, 2019
An energy efficient adaptive sampling algorithm in a sensor network for automated water quality monitoring
T Shu, M Xia, J Chen, C De Silva
Sensors 17 (11), 2551, 2017
Discriminative feature alignment: Improving transferability of unsupervised domain adaptation by Gaussian-guided latent alignment
J Wang, J Chen, J Lin, L Sigal, CW de Silva
Pattern Recognition 116, 107943, 2021
Unsupervised cross-domain fault diagnosis using feature representation alignment networks for rotating machinery
J Chen, J Wang, J Zhu, TH Lee, CW de Silva
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics 26 (5), 2770-2781, 2020
A K-means clustering with optimized initial center based on Hadoop platform
K Lin, X Li, Z Zhang, J Chen
2014 9th International Conference on Computer Science & Education, 263-266, 2014
Deep reinforced learning tree for spatiotemporal monitoring with mobile robotic wireless sensor networks
J Chen, T Shu, T Li, CW de Silva
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems 50 (11), 4197-4211, 2019
WSN sampling optimization for signal reconstruction using spatiotemporal autoencoder
J Chen, T Li, J Wang, CW de Silva
IEEE Sensors Journal 20 (23), 14290-14301, 2020
A hexagonal grid-based sampling planner for aquatic environmental monitoring using unmanned surface vehicles
T Li, M Xia, J Chen, S Gao, C De Silva
2017 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC …, 2017
Rapidly-exploring tree with linear reduction: A near-optimal approach for spatiotemporal sensor deployment in aquatic fields using minimal sensor nodes
J Chen, T Li, T Shu, CW De Silva
IEEE Sensors Journal 18 (24), 10225-10239, 2018
Preserving domain private representation via mutual information maximization
J Chen, J Wang, W Lin, K Zhang, CW de Silva
arXiv preprint arXiv:2201.03102, 2022
Gaussian-guided feature alignment for unsupervised cross-subject adaptation
K Zhang, J Chen, J Wang, Y Leng, CW de Silva, C Fu
Pattern Recognition 122, 108332, 2022
L2-Norm Shapelet Dictionary Learning-Based Bearing-Fault Diagnosis in Uncertain Working Conditions
J Zhang, X Song, L Gao, W Shen, J Chen
IEEE Sensors Journal 22 (3), 2647-2657, 2021
Mutual variational inference: An indirect variational inference approach for unsupervised domain adaptation
J Chen, J Wang, CW de Silva
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2021
WSN optimization for sampling-based signal estimation using semi-binarized variational autoencoder
J Chen, J Wang, T Shu, CW de Silva
Information Sciences 587, 188-205, 2022
UBCourse Vis
J Chen, S He
Ensemble diverse hypotheses and knowledge distillation for unsupervised cross-subject adaptation
K Zhang, J Chen, J Wang, X Chen, Y Leng, CW de Silva, C Fu
arXiv preprint arXiv:2204.07308, 2022
Data-driven Sensor Deployment for Spatiotemporal Field Reconstruction
J Chen
Instrumentation 6 (3), 28-38, 2019
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