Jannette B. Frandsen
Jannette B. Frandsen
Researcher & Consultant of Civil Engineering, Fluid Structure Systems
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Sloshing motions in excited tanks
JB Frandsen
Journal of Computational Physics 196 (1), 53-87, 2004
Simultaneous pressures and accelerations measured full-scale on the Great Belt East suspension bridge
JB Frandsen
Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 89 (1), 95-129, 2001
Numerical bridge deck studies using finite elements. Part I: flutter
JB Frandsen
Journal of Fluids and Structures 19 (2), 171-191, 2004
Numerical predictions of tuned liquid tank structural systems
JB Frandsen
Journal of Fluids and Structures 20 (3), 309-329, 2005
Simulation of sloshing motions in fixed and vertically excited containers using a 2-D inviscid σ-transformed finite difference solver
JB Frandsen, AGL Borthwick
Journal of Fluids and Structures 18 (2), 197-214, 2003
Ambient response analysis of the Great Belt Bridge
R Brincker, JB Frandsen, P Andersen
PROC SPIE INT SOC OPT ENG 4062, 26-32, 2000
A simple LBE wave runup model
JB Frandsen
Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, An International Journal 8 (1-4 …, 2008
Computational Fluid Structure Interaction Applied to Long-span Bridge Design
JB Frandsen
University of Cambridge, 1999
Computational aeroelastic modelling to guide long-span bridge cross-section design
JB Frandsen, FA McRobie
Wind engineering into the 21st century 2, 1277-1284, 1999
Comparison of numerical prediction and full-scale measurements of vortex induced oscillations
JB Frandsen
Proceedings of the 4th International Colloquium on Bluff Body Aerodynamics …, 2000
Nonlinear free-surface and internal-viscous sloshing
DT Valentine, JB Frandsen
J. Offshore Mech. Arct. Eng 127, 141-149, 2005
Experimental sloshing studies in sway and heave base excited square tanks
JB Frandsen, W Peng
Civil Engineering in the Oceans VI, 504-512, 2006
Sloshing effects in periodically and seismically excited tanks
JB Frandsen
Proceedings of the Fifth World Congress on Computational Mechanics, Vienna, 2002
Free surface water wave 1-D LBGK predictions
JB Frandsen
International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics 20 (6), 427-437, 2006
Transient evolution of weakly nonlinear sloshing waves: an analytical and numerical comparison
D Hill, J Frandsen
Journal of engineering mathematics 53 (2), 187-198, 2005
Large scale experimental wave impact on walls in the Quebec Coastal Physics Laboratory
JB Frandsen, F Bérubé
ASME 2015 34th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic …, 2015
Preliminary investigations of wave impact on vertical walls with/without parapets and toe protection on deformable beach.
J Frandsen, OG Tremblay, R Xhardé
Large scale experimental storm impact on nourished beach using cobble-gravel-sand mix
JB Frandsen, R Xhardé, F Bérubé, OG Tremblay
ASME 2015 34th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic …, 2015
Free-surface lattice Boltzmann modeling in single phase flows
JB Frandsen
Advanced Numerical Models for Simulating Tsunami Waves and Runup, 163-219, 2008
Free and forced sloshing motions in a 2-D numerical wave tank
JB Frandsen, AGL Borthwick
ASME 2002 21st International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic …, 2002
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