Andrea Pucci
Andrea Pucci
Assistant Professor in Industrial Chemistry
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Dye-containing polymers: methods for preparation of mechanochromic materials
F Ciardelli, G Ruggeri, A Pucci
Chemical Society Reviews 42 (3), 857-870, 2013
Mechanochromic polymer blends
A Pucci, G Ruggeri
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (23), 8282-8291, 2011
Bis (benzoxazolyl) stilbene excimers as temperature and deformation sensors for biodegradable poly (1, 4-butylene succinate) films
A Pucci, F Di Cuia, F Signori, G Ruggeri
Journal of Materials Chemistry 17 (8), 783-790, 2007
H2/air alkaline membrane fuel cell performance and durability, using novel ionomer and non-platinum group metal cathode catalyst
M Piana, M Boccia, A Filpi, E Flammia, HA Miller, M Orsini, F Salusti, ...
Journal of Power Sources 195 (18), 5875-5881, 2010
Polymer composites with smart optical properties
A Pucci, R Bizzarri, G Ruggeri
Soft Matter 7 (8), 3689-3700, 2011
Nanocomposites based on polyolefins and functional thermoplastic materials
F Ciardelli, S Coiai, E Passaglia, A Pucci, G Ruggeri
Polymer international 57 (6), 805-836, 2008
Optimization of an organic memristor as an adaptive memory element
T Berzina, A Smerieri, M Bernabò, A Pucci, G Ruggeri, V Erokhin, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (12), 124515, 2009
Modulation of the optical response of polyethylene films containing luminescent perylene chromophores
F Donati, A Pucci, C Cappelli, B Mennucci, G Ruggeri
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112 (12), 3668-3679, 2008
Aggregation‐Induced Luminescence of Polyisobutene Succinic Anhydrides and Imides
A Pucci, R Rausa, F Ciardelli
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 209 (9), 900-906, 2008
Luminescent bis (benzoxazolyl) stilbene as a molecular probe for poly (propylene) film deformation
A Pucci, M Bertoldo, S Bronco
Macromolecular rapid communications 26 (13), 1043-1048, 2005
A temperature sensor based on a MWCNT/SEBS nanocomposite
G Matzeu, A Pucci, S Savi, M Romanelli, F Di Francesco
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 178, 94-99, 2012
New LDPE based anion-exchange membranes for alkaline solid polymeric electrolyte water electrolysis
M Faraj, M Boccia, H Miller, F Martini, S Borsacchi, M Geppi, A Pucci
international journal of hydrogen energy 37 (20), 14992-15002, 2012
Photoinduced formation of gold nanoparticles into vinyl alcohol based polymers
A Pucci, M Bernabò, P Elvati, LI Meza, F Galembeck, CA de Paula Leite, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 16 (11), 1058-1066, 2006
New medications for treatment of obesity: metabolic and cardiovascular effects
A Pucci, N Finer
Canadian Journal of Cardiology 31 (2), 142-152, 2015
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass: effects on feeding behavior and underlying mechanisms
S Manning, A Pucci, RL Batterham
The Journal of clinical investigation 125 (3), 939-948, 2015
New anion conducting membranes based on functionalized styrene–butadiene–styrene triblock copolymer for fuel cells applications
M Faraj, E Elia, M Boccia, A Filpi, A Pucci, F Ciardelli
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 49 (15), 3437-3447, 2011
Nanocomposites based on thermoplastic polymers and functional nanofiller for sensor applications
S Coiai, E Passaglia, A Pucci, G Ruggeri
Materials 8 (6), 3377-3427, 2015
Stochastic hybrid 3D matrix: learning and adaptation of electrical properties
V Erokhin, T Berzina, K Gorshkov, P Camorani, A Pucci, L Ricci, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (43), 22881-22887, 2012
Magnetism in polymers with embedded gold nanoparticles
J de la Venta, A Pucci, E Fernández Pinel, MA García, ...
Advanced Materials 19 (6), 875-877, 2007
Unexpected polarization behavior at the aperture of hollow-pyramid near-field probes
P Biagioni, D Polli, M Labardi, A Pucci, G Ruggeri, G Cerullo, M Finazzi, ...
Applied Physics Letters 87 (22), 223112, 2005
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