Alexander Krivokapic
Alexander Krivokapic
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Contracted and Expanded meso-Alkynyl Porphyrinoids:  from Triphyrin to Hexaphyrin
A Krivokapic, AR Cowley, HL Anderson
The Journal of organic chemistry 68 (3), 1089-1096, 2003
Meso‐Tetra‐Alkynyl Porphyrins for Optical Limiting—A Survey of Group III and IV Metal Complexes
A Krivokapic, HL Anderson, G Bourhill, R Ives, S Clark, KJ McEwan
Advanced Materials 13 (9), 652-656, 2001
Photon energy upconversion in porphyrins: one-photon hot-band absorption versus two-photon absorption
M Drobizhev, A Karotki, M Kruk, A Krivokapic, HL Anderson, A Rebane
Chemical physics letters 370 (5-6), 690-699, 2003
Synthesis of poly (para-phenylenevinylene) rotaxanes by aqueous Suzuki coupling
J Terao, A Tang, JJ Michels, A Krivokapic, HL Anderson
Chemical communications, 56-57, 2004
Adding a New Dimension to the Investigation of Platinum-Mediated Arene C− H Activation Reactions Using 2D NMR Exchange Spectroscopy. Dynamics of Pt (II) Phenyl/Benzene Site …
BJ Wik, M Lersch, A Krivokapic, M Tilset
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (8), 2682-2696, 2006
Highly cis-Selective Cyclopropanations with Ethyl Diazoacetate Using a Novel Rh(I) Catalyst with a Chelating N-Heterocyclic Iminocarbene Ligand
ML Rosenberg, A Krivokapic, M Tilset
Organic letters 11 (3), 547-550, 2009
Fusion and planarization of a quinoidal porphyrin dimer
IM Blake, A Krivokapic, M Katterle, HL Anderson
Chemical communications, 1662-1663, 2002
Tailoring the Dimensionality of Metal–Organic Frameworks Incorporating Pt and Pd. From Molecular Complexes to 3D Networks
J Hafizović, A Krivokapic, KC Szeto, S Jakobsen, KP Lillerud, U Olsbye, ...
Crystal Growth and Design 7 (11), 2302-2304, 2007
Synthesis, X-ray structures, and catalytic applications of palladium(II) complexes bearing N-heterocyclic iminocarbene ligands
KA Netland, A Krivokapic, M Schröder, K Boldt, F Lundvall, M Tilset
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 693 (25), 3703-3710, 2008
Synthesis and crystal structure of a meso-trialkynyl-[28] hexaphyrin
A Krivokapic, HL Anderson
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 1 (21), 3639-3641, 2003
Investigation of ligand steric effects on a highly cis-selective Rh (I) cyclopropanation catalyst
ML Rosenberg, E Langseth, A Krivokapic, NS Gupta, M Tilset
New Journal of Chemistry 35 (10), 2306-2313, 2011
On the reaction of diphenylketene with isocyanides
J Robertson, SJ Bell, A Krivokapic
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 3 (23), 4246-4251, 2005
Pt (II) complexes with diimine and chelating 5-ring iminocarbene ligands: synthesis, characterization, and structural and spectroscopic trends
KA Netland, A Krivokapic, M Tilset
Journal of Coordination Chemistry 63 (14-16), 2909-2927, 2010
Non-stoichiometric LaVO3. i. synthesis and physical properties
H Seim, H Fjellvâg, K Maroy, A Krivokapic, F Rise, AT Overas, T Rojo
Acta Chemica Scandinavica 52, 1096-1103, 1998
Synthesis, Characterization, and Protonation Reactions of Ar‐BIAN and Ar‐BICAT Diimine Platinum Diphenyl Complexes
J Parmene, A Krivokapic, M Tilset
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2010 (9), 1381-1394, 2010
Synthesis and Structural Characterization of a Fluorinated α-Diimine Platinum (II) Complex
M Lersch, A Krivokapic, M Tilset
Organometallics 26 (7), 1581-1587, 2007
A Step-Change for Single Well Chemical Tracer Tests (SWCTT): Field Pilot Testing of New Sets of Novel Tracers
M Al-Abbad, M Sanni, S Kokal, A Krivokapic, C Dye, Ø Dugstad, S Hartvig, ...
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 2016
Metal-organic framework catalysts and their use in hydrocarbon transformation
KP Lillerud, M Tilset, U Olsbye, KC Szeto, M Bjorgen, KO Kongshaug, ...
US Patent App. 11/995,466, 2008
l-Isoleucyl-l-serine 0.33-hydrate, l-phenylalanyl-l-serine and l-methionyl-l-serine 0.34-hydrate
CH GoÈrbitz, M Bruvoll, S Dizdarevic, N Fimland, J Hafizovic, HT Kalfjøs, ...
Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications 62 (1 …, 2006
A Step Change for Single-Well Chemical-Tracer Tests: Field Pilot Testing of New Sets of Novel Tracers
MA AlAbbad, ML Sanni, S Kokal, A Krivokapic, C Dye, Ø Dugstad, ...
SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering 22 (01), 253-265, 2019
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