Artem Bakirov
Artem Bakirov
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Alkyl Chain Engineering of Solution‐Processable Star‐Shaped Molecules for High‐Performance Organic Solar Cells
J Min, YN Luponosov, A Gerl, MS Polinskaya, SM Peregudova, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (5), 1301234, 2014
Effects of Alkyl Terminal Chains on Morphology, Charge Generation, Transport, and Recombination Mechanisms in Solution‐Processed Small Molecule Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
J Min, YN Luponosov, N Gasparini, M Richter, AV Bakirov, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (17), 1500386, 2015
Thermotropic columnar mesophases of wedge‐shaped benzenesulfonic acid mesogens
U Beginn, L Yan, SN Chvalun, MA Shcherbina, A Bakirov, M Möller
Liquid Crystals 35 (9), 1073-1093, 2008
Easily processable highly ordered Langmuir-Blodgett films of quaterthiophene disiloxane dimer for monolayer organic field-effect transistors
AS Sizov, DS Anisimov, EV Agina, OV Borshchev, AV Bakirov, ...
Langmuir 30 (50), 15327-15334, 2014
Effect of molecular structure of α, α′-dialkylquaterthiophenes and their organosilicon multipods on ordering, phase behavior, and charge carrier mobility
DV Anokhin, M Defaux, A Mourran, M Moeller, YN Luponosov, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (43), 22727-22736, 2012
Effects of oligothiophene π-bridge length on physical and photovoltaic properties of star-shaped molecules for bulk heterojunction solar cells
J Min, YN Luponosov, D Baran, SN Chvalun, MA Shcherbina, AV Bakirov, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (38), 16135-16147, 2014
Luminescent organic semiconducting Langmuir monolayers
EV Agina, AA Mannanov, AS Sizov, O Vechter, OV Borshchev, AV Bakirov, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (21), 18078-18086, 2017
Methacrylated self-organizing 2, 3, 4-tris (alkoxy) benzenesulfonate: A new concept toward ion-selective membranes
X Zhu, MA Scherbina, AV Bakirov, B Gorzolnik, SN Chvalun, U Beginn, ...
Chemistry of materials 18 (19), 4667-4673, 2006
Star-shaped D–π–A oligothiophenes with a tris (2-methoxyphenyl) amine core and alkyldicyanovinyl groups: synthesis and physical and photovoltaic properties
YN Luponosov, J Min, AN Solodukhin, AV Bakirov, PV Dmitryakov, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (29), 7061-7076, 2016
Formation of self-assembled organosilicon-functionalized quinquethiophene monolayers by fast processing techniques
EV Agina, IA Usov, OV Borshchev, J Wang, A Mourran, MA Shcherbina, ...
Langmuir 28 (46), 16186-16195, 2012
Organosilicon dimer of BTBT as a perspective semiconductor material for toxic gas detection with monolayer organic field-effect transistors
AA Trul, AS Sizov, VP Chekusova, OV Borshchev, EV Agina, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6 (36), 9649-9659, 2018
Novel Cyclopentadithiophene‐Based D–A Copolymers for Organic Photovoltaic Cell Applications
FV Drozdov, EN Myshkovskaya, DK Susarova, PA Troshin, OD Fominykh, ...
Macromolecular chemistry and physics 214 (19), 2144-2156, 2013
The effect of the shape of the mesogenic group on the structure and phase behavior of 2, 3, 4-tris (dodecyloxy) benzenesulfonates with alkaline cations
MA Shcherbina, AV Bakirov, AN Yakunin, U Beginn, L Yan, M Möller, ...
Soft matter 10 (11), 1746-1757, 2014
Effect of initial polypropylene structure on its deformation via crazing mechanism in a liquid medium
AY Yarysheva, DV Bagrov, AV Bakirov, LM Yarysheva, SN Chvalun, ...
European Polymer Journal 100, 233-240, 2018
Poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) matrices modified with iron (III) complexes with tetraphenylporphyrin. Analysis of the structural dynamic parameters
SG Karpova, AA Olkhov, AV Bakirov, SN Chvalun, NG Shilkina, AA Popov
Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B 12 (1), 142-154, 2018
Effects of bridging atom and π-bridge length on physical and photovoltaic properties of A–π-D–π-A oligomers for solution-processed organic solar cells
YN Luponosov, J Min, AV Bakirov, PV Dmitryakov, SN Chvalun, ...
Dyes and Pigments 122, 213-223, 2015
Advanced Energy Materials
ZY Li, J Li, Z Zhang, C Li, J Ma, C Wang, X Ge, S Dong, L Yin
Fine-Grained and Nanostructured AgPbmSbTem+ 2 Alloys with High …, 2014
Cation-Controlled Excimer Packing in Langmuir–Blodgett Films of Hemicyanine Amphiphilic Chromoionophores
SL Selektor, MA Shcherbina, AV Bakirov, P Batat, C Grauby-Heywang, ...
Langmuir 32 (2), 637-643, 2016
Self-assembling supramolecular systems of different symmetry formed by wedged macromolecular dendrons
MA Shcherbina, AV Bakirov, AN Yakunin, V Percec, U Beginn, M Möller, ...
Crystallography Reports 57 (2), 151-168, 2012
Large-Size Single-Crystal Oligothiophene-Based Monolayers for Field-Effect Transistors
VV Bruevich, AV Glushkova, OY Poimanova, RS Fedorenko, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (6), 6315-6324, 2019
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