Iona Schuster
Iona Schuster
Research Fellow, Monash University
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ILC1 confer early host protection at initial sites of viral infection
OE Weizman, NM Adams, IS Schuster, C Krishna, Y Pritykin, C Lau, ...
Cell 171 (4), 795-808. e12, 2017
TRAIL+ NK cells control CD4+ T cell responses during chronic viral infection to limit autoimmunity
IS Schuster, ME Wikstrom, G Brizard, JD Coudert, MJ Estcourt, M Manzur, ...
Immunity 41 (4), 646-656, 2014
Sensitization to immune checkpoint blockade through activation of a STAT1/NK axis in the tumor microenvironment
RM Zemek, E De Jong, WL Chin, IS Schuster, VS Fear, TH Casey, ...
Science translational medicine 11 (501), eaav7816, 2019
MHC class II antigen presentation by the intestinal epithelium initiates graft-versus-host disease and is influenced by the microbiota
M Koyama, P Mukhopadhyay, IS Schuster, AS Henden, J Hülsdünker, ...
Immunity 51 (5), 885-898. e7, 2019
“Natural regulators”: NK cells as modulators of T cell immunity
IS Schuster, JD Coudert, CE Andoniou, MA Degli-Esposti
Frontiers in immunology 7, 235, 2016
Eomesodermin promotes the development of type 1 regulatory T (TR1) cells
P Zhang, JS Lee, KH Gartlan, IS Schuster, I Comerford, A Varelias, ...
Science immunology 2 (10), eaah7152, 2017
Therapeutic blockade of activin-A improves NK cell function and antitumor immunity
J Rautela, LF Dagley, CC De Oliveira, IS Schuster, S Hediyeh-Zadeh, ...
Science Signaling 12 (596), eaat7527, 2019
Strain-specific antibody therapy prevents cytomegalovirus reactivation after transplantation
JP Martins, CE Andoniou, P Fleming, RD Kuns, IS Schuster, V Voigt, ...
Science 363 (6424), 288-293, 2019
The murine natural cytotoxic receptor NKp46/NCR1 controls TRAIL protein expression in NK cells and ILC1s
S Sheppard, IS Schuster, CE Andoniou, C Cocita, T Adejumo, SKP Kung, ...
Cell reports 22 (13), 3385-3392, 2018
Cytomegalovirus establishes a latent reservoir and triggers long-lasting inflammation in the eye
V Voigt, CE Andoniou, IS Schuster, A Oszmiana, ML Ong, P Fleming, ...
PLoS pathogens 14 (5), e1007040, 2018
GVHD prevents NK-cell–dependent leukemia and virus-specific innate immunity
MD Bunting, A Varelias, F Souza-Fonseca-Guimaraes, IS Schuster, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 129 (5), 630-642, 2017
The role of natural killer cells in liver inflammation
AJ Highton, IS Schuster, MA Degli-Esposti, M Altfeld
Seminars in immunopathology 43, 519-533, 2021
Acute GVHD results in a severe DC defect that prevents T-cell priming and leads to fulminant cytomegalovirus disease in mice
ME Wikstrom, P Fleming, RD Kuns, IS Schuster, V Voigt, G Miller, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 126 (12), 1503-1514, 2015
Ocular antigen does not cause disease unless presented in the context of inflammation
V Voigt, ME Wikstrom, JM Kezic, IS Schuster, P Fleming, K Makinen, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 14226, 2017
A natural genetic variant of granzyme B confers lethality to a common viral infection
CE Andoniou, VR Sutton, ME Wikstrom, P Fleming, KYT Thia, ...
PLoS pathogens 10 (12), e1004526, 2014
Hhex Directly Represses BIM-Dependent Apoptosis to Promote NK Cell Development and Maintenance
W Goh, S Scheer, JT Jackson, S Hediyeh-Zadeh, RB Delconte, ...
Cell Reports 33 (3), 2020
Infection induces tissue-resident memory NK cells that safeguard tissue health
IS Schuster, XYX Sng, CM Lau, DR Powell, OE Weizman, P Fleming, ...
Immunity 56 (3), 531-546. e6, 2023
NKG7–regulating endosomal pathways?
IS Schuster, CE Andoniou
Immunology and Cell Biology 98 (10), 802-804, 2020
Natural regulators”: NK cells as modulators of T cell immunity. Front Immunol. 2016; 7: 235
IS Schuster, JD Coudert, CE Andoniou, MA Degli-Esposti
Dietary fiber and microbiota metabolite receptors enhance cognition and alleviate disease in the 5xFAD mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease
Y Zhou, L Xie, J Schröder, IS Schuster, M Nakai, G Sun, YBY Sun, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 43 (37), 6460-6475, 2023
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