Holly Joseph
Holly Joseph
Institute of Education, University of Reading
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Word length and landing position effects during reading in children and adults
HSSL Joseph, SP Liversedge, HI Blythe, SJ White, K Rayner
Vision Research 49 (16), 2078-2086, 2009
Children’s eye movements during reading
HI Blythe, HSSL Joseph
Using EZ Reader to examine the concurrent development of eye-movement control and reading skill
ED Reichle, SP Liversedge, D Drieghe, HI Blythe, HSSL Joseph, SJ White, ...
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Visual information capture during fixations in reading for children and adults
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Children's and adults’ processing of anomaly and implausibility during reading: Evidence from eye movements
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Children’s and adults’ on-line processing of syntactically ambiguous sentences during reading
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Evaluation and revision of inferential comprehension in narrative texts: An eye movement study
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Strategies of readers with autism when responding to inferential questions: An eye‐movement study
M Micai, H Joseph, M Vulchanova, D Saldaña
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Working memory, reading ability and the effects of distance and typicality on anaphor resolution in children
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Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 74 (7), 1202-1224, 2021
Does a specialist typeface affect how fluently children with and without dyslexia process letters, words, and passages?
H Joseph, D Powell
Dyslexia 28 (4), 448-470, 2022
Contextual diversity during word learning through reading benefits generalisation of learned meanings to new contexts
R Norman, RC Hulme, C Sarantopoulos, V Chandran, H Shen, JM Rodd, ...
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 76 (7), 1658-1671, 2023
Accent modification as a raciolinguistic ideology: a commentary in response to Burda et al.(2022)
V Nair, R Khamis, S Ali, F Aveledo, B Biedermann, O Blake, M Rosa Brea, ...
Journal of Critical Study of Communication and Disability 1 (1), 105-112, 2023
Brief report: Autistic students read between lines
I Fajardo, H Joseph
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 1-5, 2022
Eye movements of deaf students in expository versus narrative texts
N Gómez-Merino, I Fajardo, A Ferrer, H Joseph
American Annals of the Deaf 167 (3), 313-333, 2022
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