Kozhevnikova Oyuna S
Kozhevnikova Oyuna S
Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS
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Senescence-accelerated OXYS rats: A model of age-related cognitive decline with relevance to abnormalities in Alzheimer disease
NA Stefanova, OS Kozhevnikova, AO Vitovtov, KY Maksimova, ...
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Rat retinal transcriptome: Effects of aging and AMD-like retinopathy
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Senescence-accelerated OXYS rats: A genetic model of premature aging and age-related diseases
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Association of AMD-like retinopathy development with an Alzheimer’s disease metabolic pathway in OXYS rats
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Immunohistochemical localization of NGF, BDNF, and their receptors in a normal and AMD-like rat retina
DV Telegina, NG Kolosova, OS Kozhevnikova
BMC Medical Genomics 12 (2), 133-140, 2019
Mechanisms of neuronal death in the cerebral Cortex during aging and development of Alzheimer’s disease-like pathology in rats
DV Telegina, GK Suvorov, OS Kozhevnikova, NG Kolosova
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Identification of functional networks associated with cell death in the retina of OXYS rats during the development of retinopathy
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Molecular mechanisms of cell death in retina during development of age-related macular degeneration
DV Telegina, OS Kozhevnikova, NG Kolosova
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Involvement of the autophagic pathway in the progression of AMD-like retinopathy in senescence-accelerated OXYS rats
OS Kozhevnikova, DV Telegina, VA Devyatkin, NG Kolosova
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The mitochondria-targeted antioxidant SkQ1 restores αB-crystallin expression and protects against AMD-like retinopathy in OXYS rats
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Quantitative trait loci on chromosome 1 for cataract and AMD-like retinopathy in senescence-accelerated OXYS rats
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Suppression of AMD-like pathology by mitochondria-targeted antioxidant SkQ1 Is associated with a decrease in the accumulation of amyloid β and in mTOR activity
NA Muraleva, OS Kozhevnikova, AZ Fursova, NG Kolosova
Antioxidants 8 (6), 177, 2019
Disruptions of autophagy in the rat retina with age during the development of age-related-macular-degeneration-like retinopathy
OS Kozhevnikova, DV Telegina, MA Tyumentsev, NG Kolosova
International journal of molecular sciences 20 (19), 4804, 2019
p62/SQSTM1 coding plasmid prevents age related macular degeneration in a rat model
NG Kolosova, OS Kozhevnikova, DV Telegina, AZ Fursova, NA Stefanova, ...
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VEGF and PEDF levels in the rat retina: effects of aging and AMD-like retinopathy.
OS Kozhevnikova, AZ Fursova, AM Markovets, DV Telegina, NA Muraleva, ...
Advances in Gerontology= Uspekhi Gerontologii 31 (3), 339-344, 2018
SkQ1 as a Tool for Controlling Accelerated Senescence Program: Experiments with OXYS Rats
NG Kolosova, OS Kozhevnikova, NA Muraleva, EA Rudnitskaya, ...
Biochemistry (Moscow) 87 (12), 1552-1562, 2022
RatDNA: база данных микрочиповых исследований на крысах для генов, ассоциированных с заболеваниями старения
ОС Кожевникова, МК Мартыщенко, МА Генаев, ЕЕ Корболина, ...
Вавиловский журнал генетики и селекции 16 (4/1), 756-765, 2014
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