Andrew Siao Ming Ang
Andrew Siao Ming Ang
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A review of testing methods for thermal spray coatings
ASM Ang, CC Berndt
International Materials Reviews 59 (4), 179-223, 2014
Deposition effects of WC particle size on cold sprayed WC–Co coatings
ASM Ang, CC Berndt, P Cheang
Surface and coatings Technology 205 (10), 3260-3267, 2011
Plasma-sprayed high entropy alloys: microstructure and properties of AlCoCrFeNi and MnCoCrFeNi
ASM Ang, CC Berndt, ML Sesso, A Anupam, S Praveen, RS Kottada, ...
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 46 (2), 791-800, 2015
Thermal spray maps: Material genomics of processing technologies
ASM Ang, N Sanpo, ML Sesso, SY Kim, CC Berndt
Journal of thermal spray technology 22 (7), 1170-1183, 2013
Antibacterial property of cold sprayed chitosan-Cu/Al coating
N Sanpo, SM Ang, P Cheang, KA Khor
Journal of Thermal Spray Technology 18 (4), 600-608, 2009
Evolving strategies for producing multiscale graphene‐enhanced fiber‐reinforced polymer composites for smart structural applications
A Mirabedini, A Ang, M Nikzad, B Fox, KT Lau, N Hameed
Advanced Science 7 (11), 1903501, 2020
Adhesive prebiotic chemistry inspired coatings for bone contacting applications
DJ Menzies, A Ang, H Thissen, RA Evans
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 3 (5), 793-806, 2017
Suspension high velocity oxy-fuel (SHVOF)-sprayed alumina coatings: microstructure, nanoindentation and wear
JW Murray, ASM Ang, Z Pala, EC Shaw, T Hussain
Journal of Thermal Spray Technology 25 (8), 1700-1710, 2016
Understanding the microstructural evolution of high entropy alloy coatings manufactured by atmospheric plasma spray processing
A Anupam, RS Kottada, S Kashyap, A Meghwal, BS Murty, CC Berndt, ...
Applied Surface Science 505, 144117, 2020
Thermal spray high-entropy alloy coatings: a review
A Meghwal, A Anupam, BS Murty, CC Berndt, RS Kottada, ASM Ang
Journal of Thermal Spray Technology 29, 857-893, 2020
Manufacturing of nickel based cermet coatings by the HVOF process
ASM Ang, H Howse, SA Wade, CC Berndt
Surface Engineering 32 (10), 713-724, 2016
Development of processing windows for HVOF carbide-based coatings
ASM Ang, H Howse, SA Wade, CC Berndt
Journal of Thermal Spray Technology 25 (1-2), 28-35, 2016
Tantalum-and silver-doped titanium dioxide nanosheets film: Influence on interfacial bonding structure and hardness of the surface system
J Azadmanjiri, J Wang, CC Berndt, A Kapoor, DM Zhu, ASM Ang, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 56 (1), 434-439, 2017
Multiscale mechanical performance and corrosion behaviour of plasma sprayed AlCoCrFeNi high-entropy alloy coatings
A Meghwal, A Anupam, V Luzin, C Schulz, C Hall, BS Murty, RS Kottada, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 854, 157140, 2021
Mechanical and chemical properties of Baghdadite coatings manufactured by atmospheric plasma spraying
DQ Pham, CC Berndt, U Gbureck, H Zreiqat, VK Truong, ASM Ang
Surface and Coatings Technology 378, 124945, 2019
Influence of charged defects on the interfacial bonding strength of tantalum-and silver-doped nanograined TiO 2
J Azadmanjiri, J Wang, CC Berndt, A Kapoor, ASM Ang, VK Srivastava
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (19), 11881-11891, 2017
Investigating the anisotropic mechanical properties of plasma sprayed yttria-stabilised zirconia coatings
ASM Ang, CC Berndt
Surface and Coatings Technology 259, 551-559, 2014
Influence of the different organic chelating agents on the topography, physical properties and phase of SPPS-deposited spinel ferrite splats
N Sanpo, J Wang, ASM Ang, CC Berndt
Applied surface science 284, 171-178, 2013
Effect of the chelating agent contents on the topography, composition and phase of SPPS-deposited cobalt ferrite splats
N Sanpo, CC Berndt, ASM Ang, J Wang
Surface and Coatings Technology 232, 247-253, 2013
The application of state-of-the-art technologies to support artwork conservation: Literature review
B Borg, M Dunn, A Ang, C Villis
Journal of Cultural Heritage, 2020
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