Amanda Mejia
Amanda Mejia
Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Indiana University
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Evidence for specificity of motor impairments in catching and balance in children with autism
K Ament, A Mejia, R Buhlman, S Erklin, B Caffo, S Mostofsky, E Wodka
Journal of autism and developmental disorders 45, 742-751, 2015
Zen and the art of multiple comparisons
MA Lindquist, A Mejia
Psychosomatic medicine 77 (2), 114-125, 2015
Improving patient safety through medical alert management: an automated decision tool to reduce alert fatigue
EK Lee, AF Mejia, T Senior, J Jose
AMIA Annual Symposium proceedings 2010, 417, 2010
A Bayesian general linear modeling approach to cortical surface fMRI data analysis
AF Mejia, YR Yue, D Bolin, F Lindgren, MA Lindquist
Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2019
Open science, communal culture, and women’s participation in the movement to improve science
MC Murphy, AF Mejia, J Mejia, X Yan, S Cheryan, N Dasgupta, M Destin, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (39), 24154-24164, 2020
Left‐hemispheric microstructural abnormalities in children with high‐functioning autism spectrum disorder
D Peterson, R Mahajan, D Crocetti, A Mejia, S Mostofsky
Autism Research 8 (1), 61-72, 2015
PCA leverage: outlier detection for high-dimensional functional magnetic resonance imaging data
AF Mejia, MB Nebel, A Eloyan, B Caffo, MA Lindquist
Biostatistics 18 (3), 521-536, 2017
Shrinkage prediction of seed-voxel brain connectivity using resting state fMRI
H Shou, A Eloyan, MB Nebel, A Mejia, JJ Pekar, S Mostofsky, B Caffo, ...
NeuroImage 102, 938-944, 2014
Improving power in functional magnetic resonance imaging by moving beyond cluster-level inference
S Noble, AF Mejia, A Zalesky, D Scheinost
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (32), e2203020119, 2022
Improving reliability of subject-level resting-state fMRI parcellation with shrinkage estimators
AF Mejia, MB Nebel, H Shou, CM Crainiceanu, JJ Pekar, S Mostofsky, ...
NeuroImage 112, 14-29, 2015
Improved estimation of subject-level functional connectivity using full and partial correlation with empirical Bayes shrinkage
AF Mejia, MB Nebel, AD Barber, AS Choe, JJ Pekar, BS Caffo, ...
NeuroImage 172, 478-491, 2018
Independent association of severity of muscle weakness with disability as measured by the health assessment questionnaire disability index in scleroderma
JJ Paik, FM Wigley, AF Mejia, LK Hummers
Arthritis care & research 68 (11), 1695-1703, 2016
Template independent component analysis: targeted and reliable estimation of subject-level brain networks using big data population priors
AF Mejia, MB Nebel, Y Wang, BS Caffo, Y Guo
Journal of the American Statistical Association 115 (531), 1151-1177, 2020
Highlight results, don't hide them: Enhance interpretation, reduce biases and improve reproducibility
PA Taylor, RC Reynolds, V Calhoun, J Gonzalez-Castillo, ...
Neuroimage 274, 120138, 2023
ciftiTools: A package for reading, writing, visualizing, and manipulating CIFTI files in R
DD Pham, J Muschelli, AF Mejia
NeuroImage 250, 118877, 2022
Open data on industry payments to healthcare providers reveal potential hidden costs to the public
J Mejia, A Mejia, F Pestilli
Nature communications 10 (1), 4314, 2019
Statistical estimation of T1 relaxation times using conventional magnetic resonance imaging
AF Mejia, EM Sweeney, B Dewey, G Nair, P Sati, C Shea, DS Reich, ...
NeuroImage 133, 176-188, 2016
Psilocybin induces spatially constrained alterations in thalamic functional organizaton and connectivity
A Gaddis, DE Lidstone, MB Nebel, RR Griffiths, SH Mostofsky, AF Mejia, ...
Neuroimage 260, 119434, 2022
Statistical estimation of white matter microstructure from conventional MRI
LH Suttner, A Mejia, B Dewey, P Sati, DS Reich, RT Shinohara
NeuroImage: Clinical 12, 615-623, 2016
Spatial Bayesian GLM on the cortical surface produces reliable task activations in individuals and groups
D Spencer, YR Yue, D Bolin, S Ryan, AF Mejia
NeuroImage 249, 118908, 2022
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