Dvornik Alexander, Дворник Александр Михайлович
Dvornik Alexander, Дворник Александр Михайлович
Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Гомельский государственный университет имени Ф.Скорины
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Equilibrium of radiocesium with stable cesium within the biological cycle of contaminated forest ecosystems
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Forest and Chernobyl: forest ecosystems after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident: 1986–1994
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A backpack γ-spectrometer for measurements of ambient dose equivalent rate, H∗(10), from 137Cs and from naturally occurring radiation: The importance of operator related …
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Dynamics of radionuclides in forest environments
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Assessment of 137Cs contamination of combustion products and air pollution during the forest fires in zones of radioactive contamination
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Possible low-lying states of the diproton
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Calculation of the effective external dose rate to a person staying in the resettlement zone of the Vetka district of the Gomel region of Belarus based on in situ and ex situ …
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Modelling radiocesium fluxes in forest ecosystems
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TRIPS 2.0: toward more comprehensive modeling of radiocaesium cycling in forest
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Forest model descriptions
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Solenoidal Detector Collaboration Letter of Intent
GH Trilling
SSC-LOI0001, 1990
Search for the multibaryon resonances in π-12C interactions at 5 GeV/c
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On mechanism of proton emission into the backward hemisphere in pion-carbon interactions at 5 GeV/c
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Radiation and risk
AA Dvornik, AM Dvornik, RA Koroletal
T 25, 100-108, 2016
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