Nataša Jović Orsini
Nataša Jović Orsini
VINČA Institute, Serbia
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Low energy pure shear milling: a method for the preparation of graphite nano-sheets
MV Antisari, A Montone, N Jovic, E Piscopiello, C Alvani, L Pilloni
Scripta Materialia 55 (11), 1047-1050, 2006
Temperature dependence of the electrical conductivity of epoxy/expanded graphite nanosheet composites
N Jović, D Dudić, A Montone, MV Antisari, M Mitrić, V Djoković
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Effects of thermal annealing on structural and magnetic properties of lithium ferrite nanoparticles
NG Jovic, AS Masadeh, AS Kremenovic, BV Antic, JL Blanusa, ...
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Magnetization enhancement in nanostructured random type spinel prepared by soft mechanochemical route
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Magnetic and power absorption measurements on iron oxide nanoparticles synthesized by thermal decomposition of Fe (acac) 3
NJ Orsini, B Babić-Stojić, V Spasojević, MP Calatayud, N Cvjetićanin, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 449, 286-296, 2018
Mechanochemical exfoliation of graphite and its polyvinyl alcohol nanocomposites with enhanced barrier properties
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Materials and Manufacturing Processes 24 (10-11), 1053-1057, 2009
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Cation ordering and order–disorder phase transitionin Co‐substituted Li4Ti5O12 spinels
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Influence of size distribution and field amplitude on specific loss power
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Carboxylic acids and polyethylene glycol assisted synthesis of nanocrystalline nickel ferrites
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Magnetic and structural studies of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles suspended in an organic liquid
B Babić-Stojić, V Jokanović, D Milivojević, Z Jagličić, D Makovec, N Jović, ...
Journal of Nanomaterials 2013, 2013
Synthesis of hematite and iron oxyhydroxide nanocrystals by precipitation of Fe3+ ions inside oleic acid micelles
N Jović, N Cvjetićanin, B Babić-Stojić, D Makovec, V Jokanović
Ceramics International 39 (5), 5659-5665, 2013
HEBM synthesis of nanocrystalline LiZn0. 5Ti1. 5O4 spinel and thermally induced order–disorder phase transition (P4332→ Fd3¯ m)
N Jović, M Vučinić-Vasić, A Kremenović, B Antić, Č Jovalekić, P Vulić, ...
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The crystal structure refinement and magnetic susceptibility study of La2− xErxO3
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Magnetization enhancement and cation valences in nonstoichiometric (Mn,Fe)3-δO4 nanoparticles
B Antic, A Kremenovic, N Jovic, MB Pavlovic, C Jovalekic, AS Nikolic, ...
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Magnetic susceptibility and ordering of Yb and Er in phosphors Yb, Er: Lu2O3
J Blanusa, N Jovic, T Dzomic, B Antic, A Kremenovic, M Mitric, ...
Optical Materials 30 (7), 1153-1156, 2008
Creating of highly active calcium-silicate phases for application in endodontics
B Čolović, V Jokanović, N Jović
Science of Sintering 45 (3), 341-350, 2013
Ultrasmall iron oxide nanoparticles: Magnetic and NMR relaxometric properties
B Babić-Stojić, V Jokanović, D Milivojević, M Požek, Z Jagličić, D Makovec, ...
Current Applied Physics 18 (2), 141-149, 2018
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