Leslie A. Rusch
Leslie A. Rusch
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Universite Laval
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Passive optical fast frequency-hop CDMA communications system
H Fathallah, LA Rusch, S LaRochelle
Journal of Lightwave Technology 17 (3), 397, 1999
Device and method for intelligent wireless communication selection
LA Rusch
US Patent 6,801,777, 2004
Design, fabrication and validation of an OAM fiber supporting 36 states
C Brunet, P Vaity, Y Messaddeq, S LaRochelle, LA Rusch
Optics express 22 (21), 26117-26127, 2014
Multiuser detection for DS-CDMA UWB in the home environment
Q Li, LA Rusch
IEEE journal on Selected areas in Communications 20 (9), 1701-1711, 2002
Narrowband interference suppression in CDMA spread spectrum communications
LA Rusch, HV Poor
IEEE Transactions on Communications 42 (234), 1969-1979, 1994
Perfect vortex beam: Fourier transformation of a Bessel beam
P Vaity, L Rusch
Optics letters 40 (4), 597-600, 2015
Doped-fiber amplifier dynamics: A system perspective
A Bononi, LA Rusch
Journal of Lightwave Technology 16 (5), 945, 1998
Narrowband interference suppression in spread spectrum CDMA
HV Poor, LA Rusch
IEEE Personal Communications Magazine 1 (3), 14-27, 1994
Flexible 16 antenna array for microwave breast cancer detection
H Bahramiabarghouei, E Porter, A Santorelli, B Gosselin, M Popović, ...
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 62 (10), 2516-2525, 2015
Impact of the beat noise on the performance of 2-D optical CDMA systems
L Tancevski, LA Rusch
IEEE communications letters 4 (8), 264-266, 2000
Few-mode fiber with inverse-parabolic graded-index profile for transmission of OAM-carrying modes
B Ung, P Vaity, L Wang, Y Messaddeq, LA Rusch, S LaRochelle
optics express 22 (15), 18044-18055, 2014
Multirate optical fast frequency hopping CDMA system using power control
E Inaty, HMH Shalaby, P Fortier, LA Rusch
Journal of lightwave technology 20 (2), 166, 2002
Experimental verification and capacity prediction of FE-OCDMA using superimposed FBG
S Ayotte, M Rochette, J Magné, LA Rusch, S LaRochelle
Journal of lightwave technology 23 (2), 724-731, 2005
Spatial correlation of UWB signals in a home environment
C Prettie, D Cheung, L Rusch, M Ho
2002 IEEE Conference on Ultra Wideband Systems and Technologies (IEEE Cat …, 2002
Suppression of turbulence-induced scintillation in free-space optical communication systems using saturated optical amplifiers
M Abtahi, P Lemieux, W Mathlouthi, LA Rusch
Journal of Lightwave technology 24 (12), 4966-4973, 2006
Design of a family of ring-core fibers for OAM transmission studies
C Brunet, B Ung, L Wang, Y Messaddeq, S LaRochelle, LA Rusch
Optics express 23 (8), 10553-10563, 2015
Passive optical network monitoring: challenges and requirements
MM Rad, K Fouli, HA Fathallah, LA Rusch, M Maier
IEEE Communications Magazine 49 (2), s45-S52, 2011
All-optical 500-Mb/s UWB transceiver: An experimental demonstration
M Abtahi, M Mirshafiei, S LaRochelle, LA Rusch
Journal of Lightwave Technology 26 (15), 2795-2802, 2008
A wearable microwave antenna array for time-domain breast tumor screening
E Porter, H Bahrami, A Santorelli, B Gosselin, LA Rusch, M Popović
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 35 (6), 1501-1509, 2016
Generation of power-efficient FCC-compliant UWB waveforms using FBGs: Analysis and experiment
M Abtahi, J Magné, M Mirshafiei, LA Rusch, S LaRochelle
Journal of Lightwave Technology 26 (5), 628-635, 2008
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