Dmitry Paraschuk
Dmitry Paraschuk
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Quantum theory of two-mode interactions in optically anisotropic media with cubic nonlinearities: Generation of quadrature-and polarization-squeezed light
AS Chirkin, AA Orlov, DY Parashchuk
Quantum electronics 23 (10), 870, 1993
Effect of doping on performance of organic solar cells
VA Trukhanov, VV Bruevich, DY Paraschuk
Physical Review B 84 (20), 205318, 2011
Ultrafast charge photogeneration dynamics in ground-state charge-transfer complexes based on conjugated polymers
AA Bakulin, DS Martyanov, DY Paraschuk, MS Pshenichnikov, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112 (44), 13730-13737, 2008
Properties of MEH-PPV films prepared by slow solvent evaporation
SA Arnautov, EM Nechvolodova, AA Bakulin, SG Elizarov, A Khodarev, ...
SYNTHETIC METALS 147 (1-3), 287-291, 2004
Raman spectroscopy of intermolecular charge transfer complex between a conjugated polymer and an organic acceptor molecule
VV Bruevich, TS Makhmutov, SG Elizarov, EM Nechvolodova, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 127 (10), 104905, 2007
Weak charge-transfer complexes based on conjugated polymers for plastic solar cells
AA Bakulin, SG Elizarov, AN Khodarev, DS Martyanov, IV Golovnin, ...
Synthetic Metals 147 (1-3), 221-225, 2004
Molecularly Smooth Single-Crystalline Films of Thiophene–Phenylene Co-Oligomers Grown at the Gas–Liquid Interface
VA Postnikov, YI Odarchenko, AV Iovlev, VV Bruevich, AY Pereverzev, ...
Crystal growth & design 14 (4), 1726-1737, 2014
Coherent phonon emission in the supersonic expansion of photoexcited electron-hole plasma in Ge
NV Chigarev, DY Paraschuk, XY Pan, G VE
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 61 (23), 15837-15840, 2000
Charge-transfer complexes of conjugated polymers as intermediates in charge photogeneration for organic photovoltaics
AA Bakulin, D Martyanov, DY Paraschuk, PHM van Loosdrecht, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 482 (1-3), 99-104, 2009
Frequency tunable surface magneto elastic waves
J Janušonis, CL Chang, PHM Van Loosdrecht, RI Tobey
Applied Physics Letters 106 (18), 181601, 2015
Oligothiophene-based monolayer field-effect transistors prepared by Langmuir-Blodgett technique
AS Sizov, EV Agina, F Gholamrezaie, VV Bruevich, OV Borshchev, ...
Applied Physics Letters 103 (4), 134_1, 2013
Easily processable highly ordered Langmuir-Blodgett films of quaterthiophene disiloxane dimer for monolayer organic field-effect transistors
AS Sizov, DS Anisimov, EV Agina, OV Borshchev, AV Bakirov, ...
Langmuir 30 (50), 15327-15334, 2014
Coherent electron-lattice vibrations in trans-nanopolyacetylene probed by Raman scattering
DY Paraschuk, VM Kobryanskii
Physical Review Letters 87, 207402, 2001
Weak intermolecular charge transfer in the ground state of a pi-conjugated polymer chain
DY Paraschuk, SG Elizarov, AN Khodarev, AN Shchegolikhin, ...
JETP LETTERS 81 (9), 467-470, 2005
Efficient two-step photogeneration of long-lived charges in ground-state charge-transfer complexes of conjugated polymer doped with fullerene
AA Bakulin, SA Zapunidy, MS Pshenichnikov, PHM van Loosdrecht, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (33), 7324-7330, 2009
Highly luminescent solution-grown thiophene-phenylene co-oligomer single crystals
LG Kudryashova, MS Kazantsev, VA Postnikov, VV Bruevich, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (16), 10088-10092, 2016
Inhibiting Low-Frequency Vibrations Explains Exceptionally High Electron Mobility in 2,5-Difluoro-7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane (F2-TCNQ) Single Crystals
IY Chernyshov, MV Vener, EV Feldman, DY Paraschuk, AY Sosorev
The journal of physical chemistry letters 8 (13), 2875-2880, 2017
Ultrafast charge generation pathways in photovoltaic blends based on novel star‐shaped conjugated molecules
OV Kozlov, YN Luponosov, SA Ponomarenko, N Kausch‐Busies, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (7), 1401657, 2015
Dramatic enhancement of photo-oxidation stability of a conjugated polymer in blends with organic acceptor
IV Golovnin, AA Bakulin, SA Zapunidy, EM Nechvolodova, DY Paraschuk
Applied Physics Letters 92 (24), 223, 2008
Regio‐and Stereoselective Dimerization of Arylacetylenes and Optical and Electrochemical Studies of (E)‐1, 3‐Enynes
OS Morozov, AF Asachenko, DV Antonov, VS Kochurov, DY Paraschuk, ...
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 356 (11‐12), 2671-2678, 2014
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