Clair Poignard
Clair Poignard
Research Scientist at INRIA
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Conducting and permeable states of cell membrane submitted to high voltage pulses: mathematical and numerical studies validated by the experiments
M Leguebe, A Silve, LM Mir, C Poignard
Journal of theoretical biology 360, 83-94, 2014
Impact of external medium conductivity on cell membrane electropermeabilization by microsecond and nanosecond electric pulses
A Silve, I Leray, C Poignard, LM Mir
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-15, 2016
Approximate transmission conditions through a weakly oscillating thin layer
C Poignard
Mathematical methods in the applied sciences 32 (4), 435-453, 2009
“Classical” electropermeabilization modeling at the cell scale
O Kavian, M Leguèbe, C Poignard, L Weynans
Journal of mathematical biology 68 (1), 235-265, 2014
Asymptotic expansion of steady-state potential in a high contrast medium with a thin resistive layer
R Perrussel, C Poignard
Applied Mathematics and Computation 221, 48-65, 2013
Approximate conditions replacing thin layers
C Poignard, P Dular, R Perrussel, L Krahenbuhl, L Nicolas, M Schatzman
IEEE transactions on magnetics 44 (6), 1154-1157, 2008
Cell membrane permeabilization by 12-ns electric pulses: Not a purely dielectric, but a charge-dependent phenomenon
A Silve, I Leray, M Leguèbe, C Poignard, LM Mir
Bioelectrochemistry 106, 369-378, 2015
Population modeling of tumor growth curves and the reduced Gompertz model improve prediction of the age of experimental tumors
C Vaghi, A Rodallec, R Fanciullino, J Ciccolini, JP Mochel, M Mastri, ...
PLoS computational biology 16 (2), e1007178, 2020
Approximate transmission conditions through a rough thin layer: the case of periodic roughness
IS Ciuperca, M Jai, C Poignard
European Journal of Applied Mathematics 21 (1), 51-75, 2010
Asymptotics for steady‐state voltage potentials in a bidimensional highly contrasted medium with thin layer
C Poignard
Mathematical methods in the applied sciences 31 (4), 443-479, 2008
Non-linear steady-state electrical current modeling for the electropermeabilization of biological tissue
M Breton, F Buret, L Krähenbühl, M Leguèbe, LM Mir, R Perrussel, ...
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 51 (3), 1-4, 2015
Dynamical modeling of tissue electroporation
D Voyer, A Silve, LM Mir, R Scorretti, C Poignard
Bioelectrochemistry 119, 98-110, 2018
Ion fluxes, transmembrane potential, and osmotic stabilization: a new dynamic electrophysiological model for eukaryotic cells
C Poignard, A Silve, F Campion, LM Mir, O Saut, L Schwartz
European Biophysics Journal 40 (3), 235-246, 2011
Interactions between electromagnetic field and biological tissues: Questions, some answers and future trends
L Nicolas, N Burais, F Buret, O Fabregue, L Krähenbühl, A Nicolas, ...
International Compumag Society Newsletter 10 (2), 4-9, 2003
Asymptotically precise norm estimates of scattering from a small circular inhomogeneity
DJ Hansen, C Poignard, MS Vogelius
Applicable Analysis 86 (4), 433-458, 2007
Thin layer models for electromagnetism
M Duruflé, V Péron, C Poignard
Communications in Computational Physics 16 (1), 213-238, 2014
Numerical treatment of rounded and sharp corners in the modeling of 2D electrostatic fields
L Krähenbühl, F Buret, R Perrussel, D Voyer, P Dular, V Péron, ...
Journal of microwaves, optoelectronics and electromagnetic applications 10 …, 2011
About the transmembrane voltage potential of a biological cell in time-harmonic regime.
C Poignard
ESAIM: Proceedings 26, 162-179, 2009
Modelling of the migration of endothelial cells on bioactive micropatterned polymers
T Colin, MC Durrieu, J Joie, Y Lei, Y Mammeri, C Poignard, O Saut
Mathematical biosciences and engineering 10 (4), 997-1015, 2013
Time-harmonic Maxwell equations in biological cells—the differential form formalism to treat the thin layer
M Duruflé, V Péron, C Poignard
Confluentes Mathematici 3 (02), 325-357, 2011
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