Ilya Digel
Ilya Digel
Aachen University of Applied Sciences
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Hemoglobin dynamics in red blood cells: correlation to body temperature
AM Stadler, I Digel, GM Artmann, JP Embs, G Zaccai, G Büldt
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Cytoplasmic water and hydration layer dynamics in human red blood cells
AM Stadler, JP Embs, I Digel, GM Artmann, T Unruh, G Büldt, G Zaccai
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Transient receptor potential channels
MS Islam
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A lander mission to probe subglacial water on Saturn׳ s moon Enceladus for life
K Konstantinidis, CLF Martinez, B Dachwald, A Ohndorf, P Dykta, ...
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IceMole: a maneuverable probe for clean in situ analysis and sampling of subsurface ice and subglacial aquatic ecosystems
B Dachwald, J Mikucki, S Tulaczyk, I Digel, C Espe, M Feldmann, ...
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Bactericidal effects of plasma-generated cluster ions
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Contractile tension and beating rates of self-exciting monolayers and 3D-tissue constructs of neonatal rat cardiomyocytes
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Synthesis, characterization, in vitro biocompatibility and antibacterial properties study of nanocomposite materials based on hydroxyapatite-biphasic ZnO micro-and …
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Thermal fluctuations of haemoglobin from different species: adaptation to temperature via conformational dynamics
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Bioengineering in cell and tissue research
GM Artmann, S Chien
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Decrease in extracellular collagen crosslinking after NMR magnetic field application in skin fibroblasts
I Digel, E Kurulgan, P Linder, P Kayser, D Porst, GJ Braem, K Zerlin, ...
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NMR in vitro effects on proliferation, apoptosis, and viability of human chondrocytes and osteoblasts.
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Composites and their applications
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Structural transition temperature of hemoglobins correlates with species’ body temperature
KFT Zerlin, N Kasischke, I Digel, C Maggakis-Kelemen, AT Artmann, ...
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Antimicrobial and wound healing properties of a bacterial cellulose based material containing B. subtilis cells
IS Savitskaya, DH Shokatayeva, AS Kistaubayeva, LV Ignatova, IE Digel
Heliyon 5 (10), e02592, 2019
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