Andrey Zolotarev
Andrey Zolotarev
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Solid state and dynamic solution structures of O-carbamidine amidoximes gives further insight into the mechanism of zinc(II)-mediated generation of 1,2,4 …
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Reactions of CF 3-enones with arenes under superelectrophilic activation: A pathway to trans-1, 3-diaryl-1-CF 3-indanes, new cannabinoid receptor ligands
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General mineralogy
AG Bulakh, VG Krivovichev, AA Zolotarev
Academia, Moscow [in Russian], 2008
(Isocyano Group π-Hole)⋅⋅⋅[d z2-M II] Interactions of (Isocyanide)[M II] Complexes, in which Positively Charged Metal Centers (d 8-M= Pt, Pd) Act as Nucleophiles
SA Katkova, AS Mikherdov, MA Kinzhalov, AS Novikov, AA Zolotarev, ...
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Investigation of new modification strategies for PVA membranes to improve their dehydration properties by pervaporation
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Intra-/intermolecular bifurcated chalcogen bonding in crystal structure of thiazole/thiadiazole derived binuclear (diaminocarbene) PdII complexes
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Brominated CF 3-allyl alcohols as multicentered electrophiles in TfOH promoted reactions with arenes
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Symmetry and crystal structure of biaxial elbaite-liddicoatite tourmaline from the Transbaikalia region, Russia
A Shtukenberg, I Rozhdestvenskaya, O Frank-Kamenetskaya, J Bronzova, ...
American Mineralogist 92 (4), 675-686, 2007
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