Kaan Guven
Kaan Guven
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Investigation of magnetic resonances for different split-ring resonator parameters and designs
K Aydin, I Bulu, K Guven, M Kafesaki, CM Soukoulis, E Ozbay
New journal of physics 7 (1), 168, 2005
Experimental observation of true left-handed transmission peaks in metamaterials
K Aydin, K Guven, M Kafesaki, L Zhang, CM Soukoulis, E Ozbay
Optics Letters 29 (22), 2623-2625, 2004
Negative refraction and superlens behavior in a two-dimensional photonic crystal
R Moussa, S Foteinopoulou, L Zhang, G Tuttle, K Guven, E Ozbay, ...
Physical Review B 71 (8), 085106, 2005
Experimental demonstration of a left-handed metamaterial operating at 100 GHz
M Gokkavas, K Guven, I Bulu, K Aydin, RS Penciu, M Kafesaki, ...
Physical Review B 73 (19), 193103, 2006
Transmission and reflection properties of composite double negative metamaterials in free space
E Ozbay, K Aydin, E Cubukcu, M Bayindir
IEEE transactions on antennas and propagation 51 (10), 2592-2595, 2003
Observation of negative refraction and negative phase velocity in left-handed metamaterials
K Aydin, K Guven, CM Soukoulis, E Ozbay
Applied Physics Letters 86 (12), 124102, 2005
Self-consistent local equilibrium model for density profile and distribution of dissipative currents in a Hall bar under strong magnetic fields
K Güven, RR Gerhardts
Physical Review B 67 (11), 115327, 2003
Effect of disorder on magnetic resonance band gap of split-ring resonator structures
K Aydin, K Guven, N Katsarakis, CM Soukoulis, E Ozbay
Optics Express 12 (24), 5896-5901, 2004
Spectral negative refraction and focusing analysis of a two-dimensional left-handed photonic crystal lens
K Guven, K Aydin, KB Alici, CM Soukoulis, E Ozbay
Physical Review B 70 (20), 205125, 2004
Experimental observation of left-handed transmission in a bilayer metamaterial under normal-to-plane propagation
K Guven, MD Caliskan, E Ozbay
Optics express 14 (19), 8685-8693, 2006
Effective roughness modelling as a tool for soil moisture retrieval from C-and L-band SAR
H Lievens, N Verhoest, E De Keyser, H Vernieuwe, P Matgen, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 15 (1), 151-162, 2011
Error in radar-derived soil moisture due to roughness parameterization: An analysis based on synthetical surface profiles
H Lievens, H Vernieuwe, J Alvarez-Mozos, B De Baets, NEC Verhoest
Sensors 9 (2), 1067-1093, 2009
Detection of methylation in promoter sequences by melting curve analysis-based semiquantitative real time PCR
A Lorente, W Mueller, E Urdangarín, P Lázcoz, A Von Deimling, ...
BMC cancer 8 (1), 1-14, 2008
Metamaterials with negative permeability and negative refractive index: experiments and simulations
E Ozbay, K Guven, K Aydin
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 9 (9), S301, 2007
Physics and applications of photonic crystals
E Ozbay, I Bulu, K Aydin, H Caglayan, K Guven
Photonics and Nanostructures-Fundamentals and Applications 2 (2), 87-95, 2004
Electromagnetic cloaking with canonical spiral inclusions
K Guven, E Saenz, R Gonzalo, E Ozbay, S Tretyakov
New Journal of Physics 10 (11), 115037, 2008
Modeling of spirals with equal dielectric, magnetic, and chiral susceptibilities
E Saenz, I Semchenko, S Khakhomov, K Guven, R Gonzalo, E Ozbay, ...
Electromagnetics 28 (7), 476-493, 2008
Confined-phonon effects in the band-gap renormalization of semiconductor quantum wires
CR Bennett, K Güven, B Tanatar
Physical Review B 57 (7), 3994, 1998
Simulation and micro-fabrication of optically switchable split ring resonators
TF Gundogdu, M Gökkavas, K Güven, M Kafesaki, CM Soukoulis, ...
Photonics and Nanostructures-Fundamentals and Applications 5 (2-3), 106-112, 2007
Two-level model for the generation and relaxation of hot electrons near the breakdown of the quantum Hall effect
K Güven, RR Gerhardts, II Kaya, BE Sağol, G Nachtwei
Physical Review B 65 (15), 155316, 2002
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