Nuraly Akimbekov
Nuraly Akimbekov
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
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Effects of sunlight exposure and vitamin D supplementation on HIV patients
NS Akimbekov, RA Ortoski, MS Razzaque
The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology 200, 105664, 2020
Vitamin d and the host-gut microbiome: A brief overview
NS Akimbekov, I Digel, DK Sherelkhan, AB Lutfor, MS Razzaque
Acta Histochemica et Cytochemica 53 (3), 33-42, 2020
Dental plaque removal by ultrasonic toothbrushes
I Digel, I Kern, EM Geenen, N Akimbekov
Dentistry journal 8 (1), 28, 2020
The effect of leonardite-derived amendments on soil microbiome structure and potato yield
N Akimbekov, X Qiao, I Digel, G Abdieva, P Ualieva, A Zhubanova
Agriculture 10 (5), 147, 2020
Construction of cyanobacterial-bacterial consortium on the basis of axenic cyanobacterial cultures and heterotrophic bacteria cultures for bioremediation of oil-contaminated …
AA Zhubanova, AK Ernazarova, GK Kaiyrmanova, BK Zayadan, ...
Russian journal of plant physiology 60 (4), 555-562, 2013
Nanostructured carbon materials for biomedical use
ZA Mansurov, JM Jandosov, AR Kerimkulova, S Azat, AA Zhubanova, ...
Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal 15 (3), 209-217, 2013
Heterogeneous composites on the basis of microbial cells and nanostructured carbonized sorbents
Z Mansurov, I Digel, M Biisenbaev, I Savitskaya, A Kistaubaeva, ...
Composites and Their Applications, 2012
Laughter therapy: A humor-induced hormonal intervention to reduce stress and anxiety
NS Akimbekov, MS Razzaque
Current Research in Physiology, 2021
Lignite biosolubilization and bioconversion by Bacillus sp.: the collation of analytical data
N Akimbekov, I Digel, G Abdieva, P Ualieva, K Tastambek
Biofuels 12 (3), 247-258, 2021
Lignite Biosolubilization by Bacillus sp. RKB 2 and Characterization of its Products
N Akimbekov, I Digel, X Qiao, K Tastambek, A Zhubanova
Geomicrobiology Journal 37 (3), 255-261, 2020
Use of carbon materials in medicine
AS Kistaubayeva, IS Savitskaya, AA Zhubanova, NS Akimbekov, ...
World Applied Sciences Journal 20 (3), 368-375, 2012
Bio-composite material on the basis of carbonized rice husk in biomedicine and environmental applications
Z Mansurov, I Digel, M Biisenbaev, I Savitskaya, A Kistaubaeva, ...
Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal 14 (2), 115-131, 2012
Microbial sampling from dry surfaces: Current challenges and solutions
I Digel, NS Akimbekov, A Kistaubayeva, AA Zhubanova
Biological, Physical and Technical Basics of Cell Engineering, 421-456, 2018
Microbial Load as Ecotoxicological Assessment of Heavy Metals Presence in Soil Samples from the Kazakhstan Part of the Caspian Sea
NS Akimbekov, AK Yernazarova, KT Tastambek, GZ Abdieva, PS Ualieva, ...
Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal 19 (4), 335-340, 2017
The evaluation of process of bioremediation of oil-polluted soils by different strains of Pseudomonas
Z Mansurov, YO Doszhanov, YK Ongarbaev, NS Akimbekov, ...
Advanced Materials Research 647, 363-367, 2013
Wound healing activity of carbonized rice husk
N Akimbekov, ZA Mansurov, J Jandosov, IE Digel, M Gossmann, ...
Advanced Materials Research 602, 1196-1199, 2013
Study of the destructive activity of microorganisms isolated from soil contaminated by pesticides
A Malik, G Abdieva, P Ualieva, N Akimbekov
E3S Web of Conferences 122, 05007, 2019
Pathways of α-methylstyrene Oxidation by P. aeruginosa DS-26
DB Jussupova, LA Golovleva, AA Zhubanova, NS Akimbekov
Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal 15 (4), 337-344, 2013
Low-Rank Coal as a Source of Humic Substances for Soil Amendment and Fertility Management
NS Akimbekov, I Digel, KT Tastambek, DK Sherelkhan, DB Jussupova, ...
Agriculture 11 (12), 1261, 2021
The relevance of vitamin D in the oral health of HIV infected patients
CH Mumena, MH Mudhihiri, R Sasi, M Mlawa, S Nyerembe, ...
The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology 211, 105905, 2021
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