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Jennifer Gannon
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Pitch angle distribution analysis of radiation belt electrons based on Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite Medium Electrons A data
JL Gannon, X Li, D Heynderickx
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Geospace environment modeling 2008–2009 challenge: Dst index
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Revised Dst and the epicycles of magnetic disturbance: 1958–2007
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A statistical comparison of commonly used external magnetic field models
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Surface electric fields for North America during historical geomagnetic storms
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USGS 1-min Dst index
JL Gannon, JJ Love
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The Anemomilos prediction methodology for Dst
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Parametric study of shock‐induced transport and energization of relativistic electrons in the magnetosphere
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Movie‐maps of low‐latitude magnetic storm disturbance
JJ Love, JL Gannon
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MD Butala, M Kazerooni, JJ Makela, F Kamalabadi, JL Gannon, H Zhu, ...
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A comparison of peak electric fields and GICs in the Pacific Northwest using 1‐D and 3‐D conductivity
JL Gannon, AB Birchfield, KS Shetye, TJ Overbye
Space Weather 15 (11), 1535-1547, 2017
Spectral scaling technique to determine extreme Carrington‐level geomagnetically induced currents effects
LM Winter, J Gannon, R Pernak, S Huston, R Quinn, E Pope, A Ruffenach, ...
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Modeling the dynamics of radiation belt electrons with source and loss driven by the solar wind
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Geomagnetically induced currents from the Sun to the power grid
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The 2019 national space weather strategy and action plan and beyond
DJ Knipp, JL Gannon
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Report of geomagnetic pulsation indices for space weather applications
Z Xu, JL Gannon, EJ Rigler
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Impact of 1D vs 3D Earth conductivity based electric fields on geomagnetically induced currents
KS Shetve, AB Birchfield, RH Lee, TJ Overbye, JL Gannon
2018 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe (ISGT …, 2018
United States regional GIC hazard assessment
JL Gannon, L Trichtchenko, P Fernberg
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2012, SM21D-08, 2012
Uncovering the nonadiabatic response of geosynchronous electrons to geomagnetic disturbance
JL Gannon, SR Elkington, TG Onsager
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 117 (A10), 2012
Problem of the Love‐Gannon relation between the asymmetric disturbance field and Dst
GL Siscoe, JJ Love, JL Gannon
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 117 (A9), 2012
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