Dimitrios Papavassiliou
Dimitrios Papavassiliou
Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Oklahoma
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Review of fluid slip over superhydrophobic surfaces and its dependence on the contact angle
RS Voronov, DV Papavassiliou, LL Lee
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 47 (8), 2455-2477, 2008
Liquid water can slip on a hydrophilic surface
TA Ho, DV Papavassiliou, LL Lee, A Striolo
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (39), 16170-16175, 2011
Scalable, eco-friendly and ultrafast solar steam generators based on one-step melamine-derived carbon sponges toward water purification
FF Gong, H Li, W Wang, J Huang, DD Xia, J Liao, M Wu, ...
Nano Energy 58, 322-330, 2019
Boundary slip and wetting properties of interfaces: Correlation of the contact angle with the slip length
RS Voronov, DV Papavassiliou, LL Lee
The Journal of chemical physics 124 (20), 204701, 2006
Transport of a passive scalar in a turbulent channel flow
DV Papavassiliou, TJ Hanratty
International journal of heat and mass transfer 40 (6), 1303-1311, 1997
Carotid geometry effects on blood flow and on risk for vascular disease
KT Nguyen, CD Clark, TJ Chancellor, DV Papavassiliou
Journal of biomechanics 41 (1), 11-19, 2008
Use of direct numerical simulation to study the effect of Prandtl number on temperature fields
Y Na, DV Papavassiliou, TJ Hanratty
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 20 (3), 187-195, 1999
Computational modeling of flow-induced shear stresses within 3D salt-leached porous scaffolds imaged via micro-CT
R Voronov, S VanGordon, VI Sikavitsas, DV Papavassiliou
Journal of biomechanics 43 (7), 1279-1286, 2010
Interpretation of large-scale structures observed in a turbulent plane Couette flow
DV Papavassiliou, TJ Hanratty
International journal of heat and fluid flow 18 (1), 55-69, 1997
Unique thermal conductivity behavior of single-walled carbon nanotube-polystyrene composites
JE Peters, DV Papavassiliou, BP Grady
Macromolecules 41 (20), 7274-7277, 2008
Numerical well model for non-Darcy flow through isotropic porous media [*] This work was supported in part by the EPA under grant# R 825207-01-1, by the State of Texas under …
RE Ewing, RD Lazarov, SL Lyons, DV Papavassiliou, J Pasciak, G Qin
Computational Geosciences 3 (3), 185-204, 1999
Molybdenum and tungsten disulfides-based nanocomposite films for energy storage and conversion: A review
DD Xia, F Gong, X Pei, W Wang, H Li, W Zeng, M Wu, DV Papavassiliou
Chemical Engineering Journal 348, 908-928, 2018
Two-phase flow regime identification with a multiclassification support vector machine (SVM) model
TB Trafalis, O Oladunni, DV Papavassiliou
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 44 (12), 4414-4426, 2005
Interfacial water on crystalline silica: a comparative molecular dynamics simulation study
TA Ho, D Argyris, DV Papavassiliou, A Striolo, LL Lee, DR Cole
Molecular Simulation 37 (03), 172-195, 2011
Slip length and contact angle over hydrophobic surfaces
RS Voronov, DV Papavassiliou, LL Lee
Chemical physics letters 441 (4-6), 273-276, 2007
Analysis of a melt-blowing die: comparison of CFD and experiments
HM Krutka, RL Shambaugh, DV Papavassiliou
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 41 (20), 5125-5138, 2002
Turbulent flow in a channel at a low Reynolds number
A Günther, DV Papavassiliou, MD Warholic, TJ Hanratty
Experiments in Fluids 25 (5), 503-511, 1998
Computational modeling of the thermal conductivity of single-walled carbon nanotube–polymer composites
HM Duong, DV Papavassiliou, KJ Mullen, S Maruyama
Nanotechnology 19 (6), 065702, 2008
Heat transfer in high volume fraction CNT nanocomposites: Effects of inter-nanotube thermal resistance
K Bui, BP Grady, DV Papavassiliou
Chemical Physics Letters 508 (4-6), 248-251, 2011
Effects of die geometry on the flow field of the melt-blowing process
HM Krutka, RL Shambaugh, DV Papavassiliou
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 42 (22), 5541-5553, 2003
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