Håkan Rydin
Håkan Rydin
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The biology of peatlands, 2e
H Rydin, JK Jeglum, KD Bennett
Oxford university press, 2013
Peatlands and the carbon cycle: from local processes to global implications–a synthesis
J Limpens, F Berendse, C Blodau, JG Canadell, C Freeman, J Holden, ...
Biogeosciences 5 (5), 1475-1491, 2008
Atmospheric nitrogen deposition promotes carbon loss from peat bogs
L Bragazza, C Freeman, T Jones, H Rydin, J Limpens, N Fenner, T Ellis, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (51), 19386-19389, 2006
Raised atmospheric CO2 levels and increased N deposition cause shifts in plant species composition and production in Sphagnum bogs
F Berendse, N Van Breemen, HÅ Rydin, A Buttler, M Heijmans, ...
Global Change Biology 7 (5), 591-598, 2001
Competition and coexistence in plant communities
J Bengtsson, T Fagerström, H Rydin
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 9 (7), 246-250, 1994
Spatial occurrence and colonisations in patch‐tracking metapopulations: local conditions versus dispersal
T Snäll, PJ Ribeiro Jr, H Rydin
Oikos 103 (3), 566-578, 2003
Response of photosynthesis of Sphagnum species from contrasting microhabitats to tissue water content and repeated desiccation
B Schipperges, H Rydin
New Phytologist 140 (4), 677-684, 1998
Nitrogen fertilization reduces Sphagnum production in bog communities
U Gunnarsson, H Rydin
The New Phytologist 147 (3), 527-537, 2000
Dynamics or constancy in Sphagnum dominated mire ecosystems? A 40‐year study
U Gunnarsson, N Malmer, H Rydin
Ecography 25 (6), 685-704, 2002
Effect of water level on desiccation of Sphagnum in relation to surrounding Sphagna
H Rydin
Oikos, 374-379, 1985
Nitrogen concentration and δ15N signature of ombrotrophic Sphagnum mosses at different N deposition levels in Europe
L Bragazza, J Limpens, R Gerdol, P Grosvernier, M Hájek, T Hájek, ...
Global Change Biology 11 (1), 106-114, 2005
Nutritional constraints in ombrotrophic Sphagnum plants under increasing atmospheric nitrogen deposition in Europe
L Bragazza, T Tahvanainen, L Kutnar, H Rydin, J Limpens, M Hájek, ...
New Phytologist 163 (3), 609-616, 2004
Tolerance of Sphagnum to water level
H Rydin, AJS McDonald
Journal of Bryology 13 (4), 571-578, 1985
Colonization–extinction dynamics of an epiphyte metapopulation in a dynamic landscape
T Snäll, J Ehrlén, H Rydin
Ecology 86 (1), 106-115, 2005
Species richness patterns and metapopulation processes–evidence from epiphyte communities in boreo‐nemoral forests
S Löbel, T Snäll, H Rydin
Ecography 29 (2), 169-182, 2006
Transport of carbon and phosphorus compounds about Sphagnum
H Rydin, RS Clymo
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. B. Biological Sciences 237 (1286 …, 1989
Metapopulation processes in epiphytes inferred from patterns of regional distribution and local abundance in fragmented forest landscapes
S Löbel, T Snäll, H Rydin
Journal of Ecology 94 (4), 856-868, 2006
Competition and niche separation in Sphagnum
H Rydin
Canadian Journal of Botany 64 (8), 1817-1824, 1986
Mechanisms of interactions among Sphagnum species along water-level gradients
H Rydin
Adv Bryol 5, 153-185, 1993
Distribution pattern of the epiphyte Neckera pennata on three spatial scales – importance of past landscape structure, connectivity and local conditions
T Snäll, A Hagström, J Rudolphi, H Rydin
Ecography 27 (6), 757-766, 2004
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