Myoungsu Shin
Myoungsu Shin
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Crack and noncrack classification from concrete surface images using machine learning
H Kim, E Ahn, M Shin, SH Sim
Structural Health Monitoring 18 (3), 725-738, 2019
Concrete crack identification using a UAV incorporating hybrid image processing
H Kim, J Lee, E Ahn, S Cho, M Shin, SH Sim
Sensors 17 (9), 2052, 2017
Modeling of cyclic joint shear deformation contributions in RC beam-column connections to overall frame behavior
M Shin, JM LaFave
Structural Engineering and Mechanics 18 (5), 645-670, 2004
Comparative analysis of image binarization methods for crack identification in concrete structures
H Kim, E Ahn, S Cho, M Shin, SH Sim
Cement and Concrete Research 99, 53-61, 2017
Combined effects of recycled aggregate and fly ash towards concrete sustainability
K Kim, M Shin, S Cha
Construction and Building Materials 48, 499-507, 2013
Seismic performance of reinforced concrete eccentric beam-column connections with floor slabs
M Shin, JM LaFave
Structural Journal 101 (3), 403-412, 2004
Seismic design of reinforced concrete beam-column joints with headed bars
THK Kang, M Shin, N Mitra, JF Bonacci
ACI Structural Journal 106 (6), 868, 2009
Testing and modeling for cyclic joint shear deformations in RC beam-column connections
M Shin, JM LaFave
13th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 2004
Principles and applications of ultrasonic-based nondestructive methods for self-healing in cementitious materials
E Ahn, H Kim, SH Sim, SW Shin, M Shin
Materials 10 (3), 278, 2017
Durability of sustainable sulfur concrete with fly ash and recycled aggregate against chemical and weathering environments
M Shin, K Kim, SW Gwon, S Cha
Construction and building materials 69, 167-176, 2014
Reinforced concrete edge beam—column—slab connections subjected to earthquake loading
M Shin, JM LaFave
Magazine of Concrete Research 56 (5), 273-291, 2004
Concrete contribution to initial shear strength of RC hollow bridge columns
IH Kim, CH Sun, M Shin
Structural Engineering and Mechanics 41 (1), 43-65, 2012
Cyclic performance of precast coupling beams with bundled diagonal reinforcement
SW Han, CS Lee, M Shin, K Lee
Engineering Structures 93, 142-151, 2015
Effectiveness of high performance fiber-reinforced cement composites in slender coupling beams
M Shin, SW Gwon, K Lee, SW Han, YW Jo
Construction and Building Materials 68, 476-490, 2014
Self-healing of modified sulfur composites with calcium sulfoaluminate cement and superabsorbent polymer
S Gwon, E Ahn, M Shin
Composites Part B: Engineering 162, 469-483, 2019
Gravity and lateral load-carrying capacities of reinforced concrete flat plate systems
M Shin, J bae Yoon
ACI Structural Journal 111 (4), 2014
Cyclic testing for seismic design guide of beam-column joints with closely spaced headed bars
THK Kang, W Kim, M Shin
Journal of Earthquake Engineering 16 (2), 211-230, 2012
Practical modelling of high‐rise dual systems with reinforced concrete slab‐column frames
M Shin, THK Kang, JS Grossman
The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings 19 (7), 728-749, 2010
Sustainable sulfur composites with enhanced strength and lightweightness using waste rubber and fly ash
S Gwon, Y Jeong, JE Oh, M Shin
Construction and Building Materials 135, 650-664, 2017
Experimental and numerical assessment of bonded and unbonded post-tensioned concrete members
THK Kang, Y Huang, M Shin, JD Lee, AS Cho
ACI Structural Journal 112 (6), 735-748, 2015
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