Michael Benard
Michael Benard
Department of Biology, Case Western Reserve University
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Scared to death? The effects of intimidation and consumption in predator-prey interactions
EL Preisser, DI Bolnick, MF Benard
Ecology 86 (2), 501-509, 2005
Predator-induced phenotypic plasticity in organisms with complex life histories
MF Benard
Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, 651-673, 2004
Integrating across life‐history stages: Consequences of natal habitat effects on dispersal
MF Benard, SJ McCauley
The American Naturalist 171 (5), 553-567, 2008
Effects of chytrid and carbaryl exposure on survival, growth and skin peptide defenses in foothill yellow-legged frogs
C Davidson, MF Benard, HB Shaffer, JM Parker, C O'Leary, JM Conlon, ...
Environmental science & technology 41 (5), 1771-1776, 2007
New Insights into Dissemination and Variation of the Health Care-Associated Pathogen Acinetobacter baumannii from Genomic Analysis
MS Wright, DH Haft, DM Harkins, F Perez, KM Hujer, S Bajaksouzian, ...
MBio 5 (1), e00963-13, 2014
Rapid allopatric speciation in logperch darters (Percidae: Percina)
TJ Near, MF Benard
Evolution 58 (12), 2798-2808, 2004
Lizard diversity and agricultural disturbance in a Caribbean forest landscape
RE Glor, AS Flecker, MF Benard, AG Power
Biodiversity and Conservation 10 (5), 711-723, 2001
Are induced defenses costly? Consequences of predator-induced defenses in western toads, Bufo boreas
MF Benard, JA Fordyce
Ecology 84 (1), 68-78, 2003
Warmer winters reduce frog fecundity and shift breeding phenology, which consequently alters larval development and metamorphic timing
MF Benard
Global change biology 21 (3), 1058-1065, 2015
Survival trade-offs between two predator-induced phenotypes in Pacific treefrogs (Pseudacris regilla)
MF Benard
Ecology 87 (2), 340-346, 2006
Legacy of road salt: Apparent positive larval effects counteracted by negative postmetamorphic effects in wood frogs
KL Dananay, KL Krynak, TJ Krynak, MF Benard
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 34 (10), 2417-2424, 2015
Morphology and escape performance of tiger salamander larvae (Ambystoma tigrinum mavortium)
BM Fitzpatrick, MF Benard, JA Fordyce
Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Comparative Experimental Biology 297 …, 2003
Landscape and water characteristics correlate with immune defense traits across Blanchard's cricket frog (Acris blanchardi) populations
KL Krynak, DJ Burke, MF Benard
Biological Conservation 193, 153-167, 2016
Negative association between conspicuous visual display and chemosensory behavior in two phrynosomatid lizards
DK Hews, MF Benard
Ethology 107 (9), 839-850, 2001
Artificial light at night decreases metamorphic duration and juvenile growth in a widespread amphibian
KL Dananay, MF Benard
Proc. R. Soc. B 285 (1882), 20180367, 2018
Range position and climate sensitivity: The structure of among‐population demographic responses to climatic variation
SM Amburgey, DAW Miller, EH Campbell Grant, TAG Rittenhouse, ...
Global change biology 24 (1), 439-454, 2018
Carry-Over Effects in Nature: Effects of Canopy Cover and Individual Pond on Size, Shape, and Locomotor Performance of Metamorphosing Wood Frogs
MW Boes, MF Benard
Copeia 2013 (4), 717-722, 2013
Larval environment alters amphibian immune defenses differentially across life stages and populations
KL Krynak, DJ Burke, MF Benard
PloS one 10 (6), e0130383, 2015
Consequences of intraspecific niche variation: phenotypic similarity increases competition among recently metamorphosed frogs
MF Benard, JM Maher
Oecologia 166 (3), 585-592, 2011
Predators and mates: conflicting selection on the size of male pacific treefrogs (Pseudacris regilla)
MF Benard
Journal of Herpetology 41 (2), 317-320, 2007
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