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Olle Eriksson
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Density functional theory for calculation of elastic properties of orthorhombic crystals: Application to
P Ravindran, L Fast, PA Korzhavyi, B Johansson, J Wills, O Eriksson
Journal of Applied Physics 84 (9), 4891-4904, 1998
Electronic structure of two-dimensional crystals from ab initio theory
S Lebegue, O Eriksson
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 79 (11), 115409, 2009
Reproducibility in density functional theory calculations of solids
K Lejaeghere, G Bihlmayer, T Björkman, P Blaha, S Blügel, V Blum, ...
Science 351 (6280), aad3000, 2016
First-principles theory of dilute magnetic semiconductors
K Sato, L Bergqvist, J Kudrnovský, PH Dederichs, O Eriksson, I Turek, ...
Reviews of modern physics 82 (2), 1633-1690, 2010
Theoretical investigation of magnetoelectric behavior in
P Ravindran, R Vidya, A Kjekshus, H Fjellvåg, O Eriksson
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 74 (22), 224412, 2006
Elastic constants of hexagonal transition metals: Theory
L Fast, JM Wills, B Johansson, O Eriksson
Physical Review B 51 (24), 17431, 1995
Substrate-induced magnetic ordering and switching of iron porphyrin molecules
H Wende, M Bernien, J Luo, C Sorg, N Ponpandian, J Kurde, J Miguel, ...
Nature materials 6 (7), 516-520, 2007
Entropy Driven Stabilization of Energetically Unstable Crystal Structures Explained<? format?> from First Principles Theory
P Souvatzis, O Eriksson, MI Katsnelson, SP Rudin
Physical review letters 100 (9), 095901, 2008
Giant magnetic anisotropy in tetragonal FeCo alloys
T Burkert, L Nordström, O Eriksson, O Heinonen
Physical review letters 93 (2), 027203, 2004
Two-Dimensional Materials from Data Filtering and Ab Initio Calculations
S Lebègue, T Björkman, M Klintenberg, RM Nieminen, O Eriksson
Physical Review X 3 (3), 031002, 2013
Orbital polarization in narrow-band systems: Application to volume collapses in light lanthanides
O Eriksson, MSS Brooks, B Johansson
Physical Review B 41 (10), 7311, 1990
Ultra-low magnetic damping of a metallic ferromagnet
MAW Schoen, D Thonig, ML Schneider, TJ Silva, HT Nembach, ...
Nature Physics 12 (9), 839-842, 2016
A method for atomistic spin dynamics simulations: implementation and examples
B Skubic, J Hellsvik, L Nordström, O Eriksson
Journal of physics: condensed matter 20 (31), 315203, 2008
Accurate electronic band gap of pure and functionalized graphane from GW calculations
S Lebegue, M Klintenberg, O Eriksson, MI Katsnelson
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 79 (24), 245117, 2009
Theory of elastic constants of cubic transition metals and alloys
P Söderlind, O Eriksson, JM Wills, AM Boring
Physical Review B 48 (9), 5844, 1993
Structural, elastic, and high-pressure properties of cubic TiC, TiN, and TiO
R Ahuja, O Eriksson, JM Wills, B Johansson
Physical review B 53 (6), 3072, 1996
Magnetic percolation in diluted magnetic semiconductors
L Bergqvist, O Eriksson, J Kudrnovský, V Drchal, P Korzhavyi, I Turek
Physical Review Letters 93 (13), 137202, 2004
Ultrafast spin dynamics in multisublattice magnets
JH Mentink, J Hellsvik, DV Afanasiev, BA Ivanov, A Kirilyuk, AV Kimel, ...
Physical review letters 108 (5), 057202, 2012
Orbital magnetism in fe, co, and ni
O Eriksson, B Johansson, RC Albers, AM Boring, MSS Brooks
Physical Review B 42 (4), 2707, 1990
phases in the system studied by thin-film synthesis and ab initio calculations
JP Palmquist, S Li, POÅ Persson, J Emmerlich, O Wilhelmsson, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 70 (16), 165401, 2004
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