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Aiping Yu
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A review on non-precious metal electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cells
Z Chen, D Higgins, A Yu, L Zhang, J Zhang
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (9), 3167-3192, 2011
Electrically rechargeable zinc–air batteries: progress, challenges, and perspectives
J Fu, ZP Cano, MG Park, A Yu, M Fowler, Z Chen
Advanced materials 29 (7), 1604685, 2017
Graphite nanoplatelet− epoxy composite thermal interface materials
A Yu, P Ramesh, ME Itkis, E Bekyarova, RC Haddon
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (21), 7565-7569, 2007
A review of graphene and graphene oxide sponge: material synthesis and applications to energy and the environment
V Chabot, D Higgins, A Yu, X Xiao, Z Chen, J Zhang
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (5), 1564-1596, 2014
Enhanced thermal conductivity in a hybrid graphite nanoplatelet–carbon nanotube filler for epoxy composites
A Yu, P Ramesh, X Sun, E Bekyarova, ME Itkis, RC Haddon
Adv. Mater 20 (24), 4740-4744, 2008
Multiscale carbon nanotube− carbon fiber reinforcement for advanced epoxy composites
E Bekyarova, ET Thostenson, A Yu, H Kim, J Gao, J Tang, HT Hahn, ...
Langmuir 23 (7), 3970-3974, 2007
Automotive Li-ion batteries: current status and future perspectives
Y Ding, ZP Cano, A Yu, J Lu, Z Chen
Electrochemical Energy Reviews 2, 1-28, 2019
Electrochemical supercapacitors for energy storage and delivery: fundamentals and applications
A Yu, V Chabot, J Zhang
Taylor & Francis, 2013
Bolometric infrared photoresponse of suspended single-walled carbon nanotube films
ME Itkis, F Borondics, A Yu, RC Haddon
Science 312 (5772), 413-416, 2006
A review of composite solid-state electrolytes for lithium batteries: fundamentals, key materials and advanced structures
Y Zheng, Y Yao, J Ou, M Li, D Luo, H Dou, Z Li, K Amine, A Yu, Z Chen
Chemical Society Reviews 49 (23), 8790-8839, 2020
The application of graphene and its composites in oxygen reduction electrocatalysis: a perspective and review of recent progress
D Higgins, P Zamani, A Yu, Z Chen
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (2), 357-390, 2016
Electrochemical supercapacitors for energy storage and conversion
BK Kim, S Sy, A Yu, J Zhang
Handbook of clean energy systems, 1-25, 2015
Continuous spinning of a single-walled carbon nanotube− nylon composite fiber
J Gao, ME Itkis, A Yu, E Bekyarova, B Zhao, RC Haddon
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (11), 3847-3854, 2005
Electronic properties of single-walled carbon nanotube networks
E Bekyarova, ME Itkis, N Cabrera, B Zhao, A Yu, J Gao, RC Haddon
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (16), 5990-5995, 2005
Ultrathin, transparent, and flexible graphene films for supercapacitor application
A Yu, I Roes, A Davies, Z Chen
Applied physics letters 96 (25), 2010
Recent progress in electrically rechargeable zinc–air batteries
J Fu, R Liang, G Liu, A Yu, Z Bai, L Yang, Z Chen
Advanced Materials 31 (31), 1805230, 2019
Highly active and durable core–corona structured bifunctional catalyst for rechargeable metal–air battery application
Z Chen, A Yu, D Higgins, H Li, H Wang, Z Chen
Nano letters 12 (4), 1946-1952, 2012
Recycling of mixed cathode lithium‐ion batteries for electric vehicles: Current status and future outlook
T Or, SWD Gourley, K Kaliyappan, A Yu, Z Chen
Carbon energy 2 (1), 6-43, 2020
Synthesis and characterization of water soluble single-walled carbon nanotube graft copolymers
B Zhao, H Hu, A Yu, D Perea, RC Haddon
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (22), 8197-8203, 2005
A single‐atom iridium heterogeneous catalyst in oxygen reduction reaction
M Xiao, J Zhu, G Li, N Li, S Li, ZP Cano, L Ma, P Cui, P Xu, G Jiang, H Jin, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (28), 9640-9645, 2019
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