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Si/C hybrid nanostructures for Li-ion anodes: An overview
ML Terranova, S Orlanducci, E Tamburri, V Guglielmotti, M Rossi
Journal of Power Sources 246, 167-177, 2014
Engineering detonation nanodiamond–Polyaniline composites by electrochemical routes: Structural features and functional characterizations
E Tamburri, S Orlanducci, V Guglielmotti, G Reina, M Rossi, ...
Polymer 52 (22), 5001-5008, 2011
Nanodiamond-mediated crystallization in fibers of PANI nanocomposites produced by template-free polymerization: Conductive and thermal properties of the fibrillar networks
E Tamburri, V Guglielmotti, S Orlanducci, ML Terranova, D Sordi, ...
Polymer 53 (19), 4045-4053, 2012
Characterization of carbon structures produced by graphene self-assembly
R Matassa, S Orlanducci, E Tamburri, V Guglielmotti, D Sordi, ...
Journal of Applied Crystallography 47 (1), 222-227, 2014
Detonation nanodiamonds tailor the structural order of PEDOT chains in conductive coating layers of hybrid nanoparticles
E Tamburri, V Guglielmotti, R Matassa, S Orlanducci, S Gay, G Reina, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (19), 3703-3716, 2014
Carbon nanotube/nanodiamond structures: an innovative concept for stable and ready-to-start electron emitters
V Guglielmotti, S Chieppa, S Orlanducci, E Tamburri, F Toschi, ...
Applied Physics Letters 95 (22), 222113, 2009
Effect of potassium doping on electrical properties of carbon nanotube fibers
M Salvato, M Lucci, I Ottaviani, M Cirillo, E Tamburri, I Cianchetta, ...
Physical Review B 84 (23), 233406, 2011
Macroscopic self-standing SWCNT fibres as efficient electron emitters with very high emission current for robust cold cathodes
V Guglielmotti, E Tamburri, S Orlanducci, ML Terranova, M Rossi, ...
Carbon 52, 356-362, 2013
Elemental mapping and microimaging by x-ray capillary optics
D Hampai, SB Dabagov, G Cappuccio, A Longoni, T Frizzi, G Cibin, ...
Optics letters 33 (23), 2743-2745, 2008
Low temperature conductivity of carbon nanotube aggregates
M Salvato, M Lucci, I Ottaviani, M Cirillo, S Orlanducci, E Tamburri, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23 (47), 475302, 2011
Structure and I2/I− redox catalytic behaviour of PEDOT–PSS films electropolymerized in aqueous medium: Implications for convenient counter electrodes in DSSC
E Tamburri, V Guglielmotti, S Orlanducci, ML Terranova
Inorganica Chimica Acta 377 (1), 170-176, 2011
Polycrystalline diamond on self-assembled detonation nanodiamond: a viable route for fabrication of all-diamond preformed microcomponents
ML Terranova, S Orlanducci, E Tamburri, V Guglielmotti, F Toschi, ...
Nanotechnology 19 (41), 415601, 2008
Hybrid C-nanotubes/Si 3D nanostructures by one-step growth in a dual-plasma reactor
F Toschi, S Orlanducci, V Guglielmotti, I Cianchetta, C Magni, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 539, 94-101, 2012
Nanofabrication by electrochemical routes of Ni-coated ordered arrays of carbon nanotubes
E Tamburri, F Toschi, V Guglielmotti, E Scatena, S Orlanducci, ...
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 11 (6), 1311-1319, 2009
Nanocarbon surfaces for biomedicine
G Reina, E Tamburri, S Orlanducci, S Gay, R Matassa, V Guglielmotti, ...
Biomatter 4 (1), e28537, 2014
A viable and scalable route for the homogrowth of Si nanocones and Si/C nanostructures
S Orlanducci, F Toschi, V Guglielmotti, I Cianchetta, C Magni, E Tamburri, ...
Crystal growth & design 12 (9), 4473-4478, 2012
One-step growth and shaping by a dual-plasma reactor of diamond nanocones arrays for the assembling of stable cold cathodes
S Orlanducci, V Guglielmotti, I Cianchetta, V Sessa, E Tamburri, F Toschi, ...
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters 4 (3), 338-343, 2012
Detonation nanodiamond as building blocks for fabrication of densely packed arrays of diamond nanowhiskers
S Orlanducci, F Toschi, V Guglielmotti, E Tamburri, ML Terranova, ...
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters 3 (1), 83-87, 2011
Effects of Au nanoparticles on photoluminescence emission from Si-vacancy in diamond
S Orlanducci, I Cianchetta, E Tamburri, V Guglielmotti, ML Terranova
Chemical Physics Letters 549, 51-57, 2012
Role of the Material Electrodes on Resistive Behaviour of Carbon Nanotube-Based Gas Sensors for H 2 S Detection
M Lucci, F Toschi, V Guglielmotti, S Orlanducci, ML Terranova
Journal of Sensors 2012, 2012
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