Erik Lundkvist
Erik Lundkvist
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An interpretative phenomenological analysis of burnout and recovery in elite soccer coaches
E Lundkvist, H Gustafsson, S Hjälm, P Hassmén
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Burnout in athletes
H Gustafsson, DJ Madigan, E Lundkvist
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The influence of initial selection age, relative age effect and country long-term performance on the re-selection process in European basketball youth national teams
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Integration of immigrant youth in Sweden: does sport participation really have an impact?
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Relating Competitive Golfers’ Perceived Emotions and Performance
E Lundkvist, H Gustafsson, G Björklund, P Davis, A Ivarsson
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Has the second ‘running boom’democratized running? A study on the sociodemographic characteristics of finishers at the world’s largest half marathon
F Nilson, E Lundkvist, S Wagnsson, H Gustafsson
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Commentary: early risk detection of burnout: development of the burnout prevention questionnaire for coaches
E Lundkvist, H Gustafsson, M Gerber, C Lundqvist, A Ivarsson, ...
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Idrott och integration - lättare sagt än gjort
E Lundkvist
Barn, migration och integration i en utmanande tid, 86 - 106, 2019
Side effects of being tired: Burnout among Swedish sport coaches
E Lundkvist
Umeå University, 2015
Passionens pris
P Hassmén, N Hassmén, H Gustafsson, E Lundkvist
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Golf and Sustainable Development: Opportunities from Theory to Practice
R White, I Matthews, E Lundkvist
International Journal of Golf Science 5, S75-S76, 2016
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