Patrick Queeckers
Patrick Queeckers
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Digital holographic interferometry with CO2 lasers and diffuse illumination applied to large space reflector metrology
MP Georges, JF Vandenrijt, C Thizy, Y Stockman, P Queeckers, F Dubois, ...
Applied Optics 52 (1), A102-A116, 2013
Onset of thermal ripples at the interface of an evaporating liquid under a flow of inert gas
B Scheid, J Margerit, CS Iorio, L Joannes, M Heraud, P Queeckers, ...
Experiments in fluids 52, 1107-1119, 2012
Long-wave infrared digital holographic interferometry with diffuser or point source illuminations for measuring deformations of aspheric mirrors
JF Vandenrijt, C Thizy, P Queeckers, F Dubois, D Doyle, MP Georges
Optical Engineering 53 (11), 112309-112309, 2014
Liquid rivulets moved by shear stress of gas flow at altered levels of gravity
VV Cheverda, A Glushchuk, P Queeckers, SB Chikov, OA Kabov
Microgravity science and technology 25, 73-81, 2013
Applications of digital holographic microscopes with partially spatial coherence sources
F Dubois, C Yourassowsky, N Callens, C Minetti, P Queeckers
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 139 (1), 012027, 2008
Experimental investigation of in-tube condensation in microgravity
M Azzolin, S Bortolin, LP Le Nguyen, P Lavieille, A Glushchuk, ...
International communications in heat and mass transfer 96, 69-79, 2018
Counterdiffusion protein crystallisation in microgravity and its observation with PromISS (Protein Microscope for the International Space Station)
I Zegers, L Carotenuto, C Evrard, JM Garcia-Ruiz, P De Gieter, ...
Microgravity-Science and Technology 18, 165-169, 2006
Digital holographic interferometry with CO2 lasers applied to aspheric space reflectors testing
MP Georges, JF Vandenrijt, C Thizy, F Dubois, P Queeckers, D Doyle
Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging, DW3A. 4, 2013
Digital holography for observing aerosol particles undergoing Brownian motion in microgravity conditions
F Prodi, G Santachiara, S Travaini, F Belosi, A Vedernikov, F Dubois, ...
Atmospheric research 82 (1-2), 379-384, 2006
Liquids-candidates for CIMEX-1 experiments on ISS
Y Lyulin, O Kabov, CS Iorio, S Chikov, A Glushchuk, I Marchuk, ...
Manuscript CIMEXMeeting, Bruxelles, Belgium, 2009
Thermohydrodynamic instabilities and capillary flows
JC Legros, O Dupont, P Queeckers, S Van Vaerenbergh, D Schwabe
Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics 130, 207-239, 1990
Digital holographic microscopy working with a partially spatial coherent source
F Dubois, C Yourassowsky, N Callens, C Minetti, P Queeckers, ...
Coherent Light Microscopy: Imaging and Quantitative Phase Analysis, 31-59, 2011
Experiment on Marangoni-Bénard instability problems under normal and microgravity conditions
D Schwabe, O Dupont, P Queeckers, JC Legros
Procceedings VIIth European Symposium on Materials and Fluid Sciences in …, 1990
In-situ holography microscopy of plankton and particles over the continental shelf of Senegal
JP Hermand, J Randall, F Dubois, P Queeckers, C Yourassowsky, ...
2013 Ocean Electronics (SYMPOL), 1-10, 2013
ITEL: a sounding rocket experiment dedicated to the study of the evaporation process
P Colinet, L Joannes, P Queeckers, CS Iorio, O Kabov, O Dupont
Heat transfer and bubble behaviors in microgravity pool boiling in esa parabolic flight experiment
O Kawanami, H Ohta, O Kabov, Y Sakata, Y Kotani, Y Asada, T Nagayasu, ...
Microgravity Science and Technology 21, 3-8, 2009
Nonlinear convective flows in a laterally heated two-layer system with a temperature-dependent heat release/consumption at the interface
I Simanovskii, A Viviani, F Dubois, P Queeckers
Microgravity Science and Technology 30, 243-256, 2018
Experimental investigation of liquid film thickness and heat transfer during condensation in microgravity
A Berto, M Azzolin, P Lavieille, A Glushchuk, P Queeckers, S Bortolin, ...
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 199, 123467, 2022
Digital holographic interferometry with CO2 lasers applied to aspheric space reflectors testing (2013) Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging
MP Georges, JF Vandenrijt, C Thizy, Y Stockman, P Queeckers, F Dubois, ...
DW3A, 0
Stabilisation of condensate flow from curvilinear surfaces by means of porous media for space applications
E Barakhovskaia, A Glushchuk, P Queeckers, CS Iorio
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 121, 110283, 2021
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