Stas Koulchitsky
Stas Koulchitsky
GIGA - Neurosciences, University of Liege
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The nonpeptide calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor antagonist BIBN4096BS lowers the activity of neurons with meningeal input in the rat spinal trigeminal nucleus
MJM Fischer, S Koulchitsky, K Messlinger
Journal of Neuroscience 25 (25), 5877-5883, 2005
First and second phases of biphasic fever: two sequential stages of the sickness syndrome?
AA Romanovsky, VA Kulchitsky, NV Akulich, SV Koulchitsky, CT Simons, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative …, 1996
Calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor inhibition reduces neuronal activity induced by prolonged increase in nitric oxide in the rat spinal trigeminal nucleus
S Kulchitsky, MJM Fischer, K Messlinger
Cephalalgia 29 (4), 408-417, 2009
Biphasic response to nitric oxide of spinal trigeminal neurons with meningeal input in rat–possible implications for the pathophysiology of headaches
S Koulchitsky, MJM Fischer, R De Col, PM Schlechtweg, K Messlinger
Journal of neurophysiology 92 (3), 1320-1328, 2004
Differential effects of cocaine on dopamine neuron firing in awake and anesthetized rats
S Koulchitsky, B De Backer, E Quertemont, C Charlier, V Seutin
Neuropsychopharmacology 37 (7), 1559-1571, 2012
Nitric oxide synthase inhibition lowers activity of neurons with meningeal input in the rat spinal trigeminal nucleus
R De, SV Koulchitsky, KB Messlinger
Neuroreport 14 (2), 229-232, 2003
Ongoing activity in trigeminal wide-dynamic range neurons is driven from the periphery
M Roch, K Messlinger, V Kulchitsky, O Tichonovich, O Azev, S Koulchitsky
Neuroscience 150 (3), 681-691, 2007
Behavior in the open field predicts the number of KCl-induced cortical spreading depressions in rats
VB Bogdanov, OV Bogdanova, SV Koulchitsky, V Chauvel, S Multon, ...
Behavioural brain research 236, 90-93, 2013
Somatotopic principle of perineural implantation of stem cells in patients with brain injuries
Y Shanko, V Navitskaya, A Zamaro, M Zafranskaya, S Krivenko, ...
Journal of Neurology and Stroke 8 (5), 2018
Positive and negative aspects of cell technologies in cerebral diseases
V Kulchitsky, A Zamaro, Y Shanko, S Koulchitsky
J Neurol Stroke 8 (2), 87-88, 2018
Mechanisms of neural network structures recovery in brain trauma
S Yuri, Z Alexandra, TS Yulya, K Stanislav, P Svetlana, P Elmira, ...
Biomedical Journal 1, 2, 2018
Capsaicin-sensitive area in the ventral surface of the rat medulla
SV Koulchitsky, OA Azev, AV Gourine, VA Kulchitsky
Neuroscience letters 182 (2), 129-132, 1994
Prospects of perineural administration of autologous mesenchymal stem cells of adipose tissue in patients with cerebral infarction
S Yuri, N Valeria, Z Alexandra, K Svetlana, Z Marina, P Svetlana, ...
Biomedical Journal 1, 3, 2018
Changes in neuropil ultrastructure in hippocampal field CA1 in rat pups after application of hyaluronidase
SV Kul’chitskii, NV Yakubovich, AA Emel’yanova, YS Garkun, ...
Neuroscience and behavioral physiology 39 (6), 517-521, 2009
The Two Phases of Biphasic Fever—Two Different Strategies for Fighting Infection?a
AA Romanovsky, VA Kulchitsky, NV Akulich, SV Koulchitsky, CT Simons, ...
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 813 (1), 485-490, 1997
Effect of a calcitonin gene-related peptide-binding L-RNA aptamer on neuronal activity in the rat spinal trigeminal nucleus
MJM Fischer, J Schmidt, S Koulchitsky, S Klussmann, A Vater, ...
The journal of headache and pain 19, 1-9, 2018
Release of calcitonin gene-related peptide from the jugular–nodose ganglion complex in rats–A new model to examine the role of cardiac peptidergic and nitrergic innervation
T Strecker, S Koulchitsky, A Dieterle, WL Neuhuber, M Weyand, ...
Neuropeptides 42 (5-6), 543-550, 2008
Role of the solitary tract nucleus and caudal ventrolateral medulla in temperature responses in endotoxemic rats
SV Koulchitsky, VS Levkovets, DN Tchitchkan, VV Soltanov, VA Kulchitsky
Life sciences 64 (1), 37-43, 1998
Central and Peripheral Mechanisms of Nociceptive Reflexes in Conditions of Acute Phase Reaction
Activation of D2 autoreceptors alters cocaine-induced locomotion and slows down local field oscillations in the rat ventral tegmental area
S Koulchitsky, C Delairesse, T Beeken, A Monteforte, J Dethier, ...
Neuropharmacology 108, 120-127, 2016
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