Joe Wandy
Joe Wandy
Data Scientist, Glasgow Polyomics, University of Glasgow
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Topic modeling for untargeted substructure exploration in metabolomics
JJJ van Der Hooft, J Wandy, MP Barrett, KEV Burgess, S Rogers
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (48), 13738-13743, 2016
MolNetEnhancer: Enhanced molecular networks by integrating metabolome mining and annotation tools
M Ernst, KB Kang, AM Caraballo-Rodríguez, LF Nothias, J Wandy, ...
Metabolites 9 (7), 144, 2019
MetAssign: probabilistic annotation of metabolites from LC–MS data using a Bayesian clustering approach
R Daly, S Rogers, J Wandy, A Jankevics, KEV Burgess, R Breitling
Bioinformatics 30 (19), 2764-2771, 2014
582014 web-based topic modelling for substructure discovery in mass spectrometry
J Wandy, Y Zhu, JJJ van der Hooft, R Daly, MP Barrett, S Rogers
Bioinformatics, 2017
Unsupervised discovery and comparison of structural families across multiple samples in untargeted metabolomics
JJJ van der Hooft, J Wandy, F Young, S Padmanabhan, K Gerasimidis, ...
Analytical Chemistry 89 (14), 7569-7577, 2017
Deciphering complex metabolite mixtures by unsupervised and supervised substructure discovery and semi-automated annotation from MS/MS spectra
S Rogers, CW Ong, J Wandy, M Ernst, L Ridder, JJJ Van Der Hooft
Faraday discussions 218, 284-302, 2019
PiMP my metabolome: an integrated, web-based tool for LC-MS metabolomics data
Y Gloaguen, F Morton, R Daly, R Gurden, S Rogers, J Wandy, D Wilson, ...
Bioinformatics 33 (24), 4007-4009, 2017
Incorporating peak grouping information for alignment of multiple liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry datasets
J Wandy, R Daly, R Breitling, S Rogers
Bioinformatics 31 (12), 1999-2006, 2015
Ranking microbial metabolomic and genomic links in the NPLinker framework using complementary scoring functions
GH Eldjarn, A Ramsey, JJJ van der Hooft, KR Duncan, S Soldatou, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
In silico optimization of mass spectrometry fragmentation strategies in metabolomics
J Wandy, V Davies, J JJ van der Hooft, S Weidt, R Daly, S Rogers
Metabolites 9 (10), 219, 2019
Ranking metabolite sets by their activity levels
K McLuskey, J Wandy, I Vincent, JJJ Van Der Hooft, S Rogers, K Burgess, ...
Metabolites 11 (2), 103, 2021
Rapid Development of Improved Data-Dependent Acquisition Strategies
V Davies, J Wandy, S Weidt, JJJ van der Hooft, A Miller, R Daly, S Rogers
Analytical Chemistry 93 (14), 5676-5683, 2021
ShinyKGode: an interactive application for ODE parameter inference using gradient matching
J Wandy, M Niu, D Giurghita, R Daly, S Rogers, D Husmeier
Bioinformatics 34 (13), 2314-2315, 2018
R package for statistical inference in dynamical systems using kernel based gradient matching: KGode
M Niu, J Wandy, R Daly, S Rogers, D Husmeier
Computational Statistics 36 (1), 715-747, 2021
GraphOmics: An Interactive Platform To Explore And Integrate Multi-Omics Data
J Wandy, R Daly
bioRxiv, 2021
Integrated metabolome mining and annotation pipeline accelerates elucidation and prioritisation of specialised metabolites
J van der Hooft, M Ernst, R Da Silva, M Wang, KB Kang, J Wandy, ...
MDPI AG, 2018
Unsupervised Bayesian explorations of mass spectrometry data
J Wandy
University of Glasgow, 2017
HDP-Align: Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Clustering for Multiple Peak Alignment of Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Data
J Wandy, R Daly, S Rogers
bioRxiv, 074831, 2016
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