Evgeniya A. Vorontsova
Evgeniya A. Vorontsova
Far Eastern Federal University
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A projective separating plane method with additional clipping for non-smooth optimization
EA Vorontsova
WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics 13, 115-121, 2014
Extended separating plane algorithm and NSO-solutions of PageRank problem
E Vorontsova
International Conference on Discrete Optimization and Operations Research …, 2016
Synthesis of Cutting and Separating Planes in a Nonsmooth Optimization Method1
EA Vorontsova, EA Nurminski
Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 51 (4), 619-631, 2015
Linear tolerance problem for input-output models with interval data
EA Vorontsova
Computational Technologies 22 (2), 67-84, 2017
On the upper bound for the mathematical expectation of the norm of a vector uniformly distributed on the sphere and the phenomenon of concentration of uniform measure on the sphere
E Gorbunov, E Vorontsova, A Gasnikov
arXiv preprint arXiv:1804.03722, 2018
Walrasian Equilibrium and Centralized Distributed Optimization from the point of view of Modern Convex Optimization Methods on the Example of Resource Allocation Problem
A Ivanova, A Gasnikov, E Nurminski, E Vorontsova
arXiv preprint arXiv:1806.09071, 2018
Accelerated Directional Search with non-Euclidean prox-structure
E Vorontsova, A Gasnikov, E Gorbunov
arXiv preprint arXiv:1710.00162, 2017
Interval regularization, recognizing functional, and non-smooth optimization technique
E Vorontsova
2017 Constructive Nonsmooth Analysis and Related Topics (dedicated to the …, 2017
Separating plane algorithm with additional clipping for convex optimization
EA Vorontsova
III International conference Optimization and applications (OPTIMA-2012 …, 2012
Accelerated Directional Search with Non-Euclidean Prox-Structure
EA Vorontsova, AV Gasnikov, EA Gorbunov
Automation and Remote Control 80 (4), 693-707, 2019
Accelerated descent along a random direction with non-Euclidean prox-structure
E Vorontsova, AV Gasnikov, EA Gorbunov
Avtomatika i Telemekhanika, 126-143, 2019
Constrained Separating Plane Algorithm with Additional Clipping
E Vorontsova
Applications”. Irkutsk: ESI SB RAS, 2017, 224 p., 71, 2017
Mathematical modeling of abundance dynamics for zooplankton community in aquatic ecosystems
EA Vorontsova
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