Andrew Steckl
Andrew Steckl
Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Cincinnati
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Enhanced emission efficiency in organic light-emitting diodes using deoxyribonucleic acid complex as an electron blocking layer
JA Hagen, W Li, AJ Steckl, JG Grote
Applied Physics Letters 88 (17), 171109, 2006
A nearly ideal phosphor-converted white light-emitting diode
SC Allen, AJ Steckl
Applied physics letters 92 (14), 128, 2008
Red light emission by photoluminescence and electroluminescence from Eu-doped GaN
J Heikenfeld, M Garter, DS Lee, R Birkhahn, AJ Steckl
Applied Physics Letters 75 (9), 1189-1191, 1999
DNA–a new material for photonics?
AJ Steckl
Nature Photonics 1 (1), 3-5, 2007
Rare-earth-doped GaN: growth, properties, and fabrication of electroluminescent devices
AJ Steckl, JC Heikenfeld, DS Lee, MJ Garter, CC Baker, Y Wang, R Jones
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 8 (4), 749-766, 2002
Superhydrophobic and oleophobic fibers by coaxial electrospinning
D Han, AJ Steckl
Langmuir 25 (16), 9454-9462, 2009
Light emissive signage devices based on lightwave coupling
J Heikenfeld, A Steckl, J Rudolph
US Patent 20,070,031,097, 0
Optoelectronic properties and applications of rare-earth-doped GaN
AJ Steckl, JM Zavada
MRS bulletin 24 (9), 33-38, 1999
Visible emission from Er-doped GaN grown by solid source molecular beam epitaxy
AJ Steckl, R Birkhahn
Applied Physics Letters 73 (12), 1700-1702, 1998
High-voltage Ni-and Pt-SiC Schottky diodes utilizing metal field plate termination
V Saxena, JN Su, AJ Steckl
IEEE transactions on electron devices 46 (3), 456-464, 1999
Light emissive display based on lightwave coupling
AJ Steckl, JC Heikenfeld
US Patent 7,123,796, 2006
Light emissive signage devices based on lightwave coupling
AJ Steckl, JC Heikenfeld
US Patent 20,080,297,880, 0
Blue emission from Tm-doped GaN electroluminescent devices
AJ Steckl, M Garter, DS Lee, J Heikenfeld, R Birkhahn
Applied physics letters 75 (15), 2184-2186, 1999
Epitaxial growth of beta-SiC on Si by RTCVD with C3H8 and SiH4
AJ Steckl, JP Li
IEEE transactions on electron devices 39, 64-74, 1992
Nucleation and void formation mechanisms in SiC thin film growth on Si by carbonization
JP Li, AJ Steckl
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 142 (2), 634, 1995
Spectral and time-resolved photoluminescence studies of Eu-doped GaN
EE Nyein, U Hömmerich, J Heikenfeld, DS Lee, AJ Steckl, JM Zavada
Applied physics letters 82 (11), 1655-1657, 2003
Red light emission by photoluminescence and electroluminescence from Pr-doped GaN on Si substrates
R Birkhahn, M Garter, AJ Steckl
Applied physics letters 74 (15), 2161-2163, 1999
Triaxial electrospun nanofiber membranes for controlled dual release of functional molecules
D Han, AJ Steckl
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (16), 8241-8245, 2013
Photoluminescence and lasing from deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) thin films doped with sulforhodamine
Z Yu, W Li, JA Hagen, Y Zhou, D Klotzkin, JG Grote, AJ Steckl
Applied optics 46 (9), 1507-1513, 2007
A review of SiC reactive ion etching in fluorinated plasmas
PH Yih, V Saxena, AJ Steckl
physica status solidi (b) 202 (1), 605-642, 1997
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