Cian O'Donnell
Cian O'Donnell
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Tuning of synaptic integration in the medial entorhinal cortex to the organization of grid cell firing fields
DLF Garden, PD Dodson, C O'Donnell, MD White, MF Nolan
Neuron 60 (5), 875-889, 2008
Stochastic ion channel gating in dendritic neurons: morphology dependence and probabilistic synaptic activation of dendritic spikes
RC Cannon, C O'Donnell, MF Nolan
PLoS computational biology 6 (8), e1000886, 2010
Dendritic spine dynamics regulate the long-term stability of synaptic plasticity
C O'Donnell, MF Nolan, MCW van Rossum
Journal of Neuroscience 31 (45), 16142-16156, 2011
Beyond excitation/inhibition imbalance in multidimensional models of neural circuit changes in brain disorders
C O'Donnell, JT Gonçalves, C Portera-Cailliau, TJ Sejnowski
Elife 6, e26724, 2017
Selective memory generalization by spatial patterning of protein synthesis
C O’Donnell, TJ Sejnowski
Neuron 82 (2), 398-412, 2014
Systematic analysis of the contributions of stochastic voltage gated channels to neuronal noise
C O'Donnell, MCW van Rossum
Frontiers in computational neuroscience 8, 105, 2014
Electronic structure of the organic semiconductor vanadyl phthalocyanine (VO-Pc)
Y Zhang, T Learmonth, S Wang, AY Matsuura, J Downes, L Plucinski, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 17 (13), 1276-1283, 2007
Adaptive estimators show information compression in deep neural networks
I Chelombiev, C Houghton, C O'Donnell
arXiv preprint arXiv:1902.09037, 2019
Dendritic trafficking faces physiologically critical speed-precision tradeoffs
AH Williams, C O'Donnell, TJ Sejnowski, T O'Leary
Elife 5, e20556, 2016
Tuning of synaptic responses: an organizing principle for optimization of neural circuits
C O’Donnell, MF Nolan
Trends in neurosciences 34 (2), 51-60, 2011
Distance-dependent gradient in NMDAR-driven spine calcium signals along tapering dendrites
AS Walker, G Neves, F Grillo, RE Jackson, M Rigby, C O’Donnell, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (10), E1986-E1995, 2017
The population tracking model: a simple, scalable statistical model for neural population data
C O’Donnell, JT Gonçalves, N Whiteley, C Portera-Cailliau, TJ Sejnowski
Neural computation 29 (1), 50-93, 2017
Electronic excitations in vanadium oxide phthalocyanine studied via resonant soft X-ray emission and resonant inelastic X-ray scattering
Y Zhang, S Wang, T Learmonth, L Plucinski, AY Matsuura, S Bernardis, ...
Chemical physics letters 413 (1-3), 95-99, 2005
Neural circuit function redundancy in brain disorders
BEP Mizusaki, C O'Donnell
Current opinion in neurobiology 70, 74-80, 2021
Photoemission study of sulfur and oxygen adsorption on GaN (0001)
L Plucinski, L Colakerol, S Bernardis, Y Zhang, S Wang, C O’Donnell, ...
Surface science 600 (1), 116-123, 2006
A stochastic model of hippocampal synaptic plasticity with geometrical readout of enzyme dynamics
YE Rodrigues, CM Tigaret, H Marie, C O'Donnell, R Veltz
Elife 12, e80152, 2023
Reduced expression of the psychiatric risk gene DLG2 (PSD93) impairs hippocampal synaptic integration and plasticity
S Griesius, C O’Donnell, S Waldron, KL Thomas, DM Dwyer, LS Wilkinson, ...
Neuropsychopharmacology 47 (7), 1367-1378, 2022
Human memory and the limits of technology in education
K Puddifoot, C O'Donnell
Educational Theory 68 (6), 643-655, 2018
Spontaneous action potentials and neural coding in unmyelinated axons
C O’Donnell, MCW van Rossum
Neural computation 27 (4), 801-818, 2015
Acetylcholine boosts dendritic NMDA spikes in a CA3 pyramidal neuron model
R Humphries, JR Mellor, C O'Donnell
Neuroscience 489, 69-83, 2022
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