Marcel van der Perk
Marcel van der Perk
Department of Physical Geography, Utrecht University
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Soil and Water Contamination 2nd Edition (Special Sale Only): From Molecular to Catchment Scale
M Van der Perk
CRC Press, 2013
Modelling spatial patterns of overbank sedimentation on embanked floodplains
H Middelkoop, M Van Der Perk
Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography 80 (2), 95-109, 1998
Effect of model structure on the accuracy and uncertainty of results from water quality models
M Van der Perk
Hydrological processes 11 (3), 227-239, 1997
HESS Opinions On the use of laboratory experimentation:" Hydrologists, bring out shovels and garden hoses and hit the dirt"
MG Kleinhans, MFP Bierkens, M van der Perk
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 14 (2), 369-382, 2010
Controls on catchment‐scale patterns of phosphorus in soil, streambed sediment, and stream water
M Van der Perk, PN Owens, LK Deeks, BG Rawlins, PM Haygarth, ...
Journal of Environmental Quality 36 (3), 694-708, 2007
Review and assessment of models for predicting the migration of radionuclides from catchments
L Monte, JE Brittain, L Håkanson, JT Smith, M van der Perk
Journal of environmental radioactivity 75 (1), 83-103, 2004
The Rhine delta—a record of sediment trapping over time scales from millennia to decades
H Middelkoop, G Erkens, M van der Perk
Journal of soils and sediments 10 (4), 628-639, 2010
In situ measurements of sediment settling characteristics in floodplains using a LISST‐ST
I Thonon, JR Roberti, H Middelkoop, M Van der Perk, PA Burrough
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms: The Journal of the British …, 2005
Assessment of spatial variation of cesium‐137 in small catchments
M van der Perk, O Slávik, E Fulajtár
Journal of environmental quality 31 (6), 1930-1939, 2002
Modelling floodplain sedimentation using particle tracking
I Thonon, K De Jong, M Van der Perk, H Middelkoop
Hydrological Processes: An International Journal 21 (11), 1402-1412, 2007
Terminology in soil sampling (IUPAC Recommendations 2005)
P De Zorzi, S Barbizzi, M Belli, G Ciceri, A Fajgelj, D Moore, U Sansone, ...
Pure and applied Chemistry 77 (5), 827-841, 2005
Spatial modelling of transfer of long-lived radionuclides from soil to agricultural products in the Chernigov region, Ukraine
M Van der Perk, T Lev, AG Gillett, JP Absalom, PA Burrough, NMJ Crout, ...
Ecological modelling 128 (1), 35-50, 2000
GIS-based modelling to identify regions of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia affected by residues of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident
M Van der Perk, PA Burrough, G Voigt
Journal of hazardous materials 61 (1-3), 85-90, 1998
Environmental mobility of radiocaesium in the Pripyat catchment, Ukraine/Belarus
PA Burrough, M van der Perk, BJ Howard, BS Prister, U Sansone, ...
Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 110 (1), 35-55, 1999
A multi-criteria optimisation of scenarios for the protection of water resources in Europe: Support to the EU Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Waters. Eur Comm Jt Res Cent Inst …
A De Roo, P Burek, A Gentile, A Udias, F Bouraoui, A Aloe, A Bianchi, ...
ISBN 978-92-79-27025-3, 2012
Sediment response to catchment disturbances
PN Owens, EL Petticrew, M van der Perk
Journal of Soils and Sediments 10 (4), 591-596, 2010
Large scale nutrient modelling using globally available datasets: A test for the Rhine basin
S Loos, H Middelkoop, M van der Perk, R van Beek
Journal of hydrology 369 (3-4), 403-415, 2009
The influence of floodplain morphology and river works on spatial patterns of overbank deposition
I Thonon, H Middelkoop, M Van der Perk
Netherlands Journal of Geosciences 86 (1), 63-75, 2007
A GIS-based environmental decision support system to assess the transfer of long-lived radiocaesium through food chains in areas contaminated by the Chernobyl accident
M van der Perk, JR Burema, PA Burrough, AG Gillett, MB van der Meer
International Journal of Geographical Information Science 15 (1), 43-64, 2001
The impact of climate change on metal transport in a lowland catchment
RR Wijngaard, M van der Perk, B van der Grift, TCM de Nijs, ...
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 228 (3), 107, 2017
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