BM Dzhagarov
BM Dzhagarov
Professor of Physics, B.I. Stepanov Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
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Toward understanding the high PDT efficacy of chlorin e6–polyvinylpyrrolidone formulations: Photophysical and molecular aspects of photosensitizer–polymer interaction in vitro
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Photophysics of cationic 5, 10, 15, 20-tetrakis-(4-N-methylpyridyl) porphyrin bound to DNA,[poly (dA-dT)] 2 and [poly (dG-dC)] 2: on a possible charge transfer process between …
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Duration of the luminescence of singlet oxygen in solution following pulsed laser excitation
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Photophysics of the cationic 5, 10, 15, 20-tetrakis (4-N-methylpyridyl) porphyrin bound to DNA,[poly (dA-dT)] 2 and [poly (dG-dC)] 2: interaction with molecular oxygen studied …
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Photosensitized formation of singlet oxygen and quantum efficiency of intercombination conversion in porphyrins and metalloporphyrin molecules
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Luminescence of Crystals, Molecules, and Solutions: Proceedings of the International Conference on Luminescence Held in Leningrad, USSR, August 1972
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Mechanism of quenching of triplet-states of chlorophyll and related-compounds by molecular-oxygen
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A kinetic description of dioxygen motion within α-and β-subunits of human hemoglobin in the R-state: geminate and bimolecular stages of the oxygenation reaction
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Dynamics and efficiency of the photosensitized singlet oxygen formation by chlorin e 6: The effects of the solution pH and polyvinylpyrrolidone
MV Parkhats, VA Galievsky, AS Stashevsky, TV Trukhacheva, ...
Optics and Spectroscopy 107 (6), 974, 2009
Radiationless transitions in the molecules of some porphyrins
BM Dzhagarov
(in Russian), Opt. Spektrosk. 28, 66-68, 1970
Laser NIR lifetime spectrometer with nanosecond time resolution
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Time-resolved fluorescence reveals two binding sites of 1, 8-ANS in intact human oxyhemoglobin
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Two‐Color Laser Photodynamic Therapy of Tumors
BM Dzhagarov, EA Zhavrid, YP Istomin, VN Chalov
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy 68 (2), 201-204, 2001
Laser kinetic spectroscopy studies of the bimolecular oxygenation of α-and β-subunits within the R-state of human hemoglobin
SV Lepeshkevich, NV Konovalova, BM Dzhagarov
Biochemistry (moscow) 68 (5), 551-558, 2003
Binding of the cationic 5‐coordinate Zn(II)‐5,10,15,20‐tetrakis(4‐N‐methylpyridyl)porphyrin to DNA and model polynucleotides: Ionic‐strength dependent intercalation in [poly …
VS Chirvony, VA Galievsky, SN Terekhov, BM Dzhagarov, VV Ermolenkov, ...
Biospectroscopy 5 (5), 302-312, 1999
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