Yury Malkov
Yury Malkov
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Efficient and robust approximate nearest neighbor search using hierarchical navigable small world graphs
YA Malkov, DA Yashunin
IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence, 2018
Approximate nearest neighbor algorithm based on navigable small world graphs
Y Malkov, A Ponomarenko, A Logvinov, V Krylov
Information Systems 45, 61-68, 2014
Terahertz generation by tilted-front laser pulses in weakly and strongly nonlinear regimes
SB Bodrov, AA Murzanev, YA Sergeev, YA Malkov, AN Stepanov
Applied Physics Letters 103 (25), 251103, 2013
Scalable distributed algorithm for approximate nearest neighbor search problem in high dimensional general metric spaces
Y Malkov, A Ponomarenko, A Logvinov, V Krylov
International Conference on Similarity Search and Applications, 132-147, 2012
Off the Beaten Path: Let's Replace Term-Based Retrieval with k-NN Search
L Boytsov, D Novak, Y Malkov, E Nyberg
Proceedings of the 25th ACM International on Conference on Information and …, 2016
Learnable triangulation of human pose
K Iskakov, E Burkov, V Lempitsky, Y Malkov
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, 7718-7727, 2019
Revisiting the inverted indices for billion-scale approximate nearest neighbors
D Baranchuk, A Babenko, Y Malkov
Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 202-216, 2018
Decay of femtosecond laser-induced plasma filaments in air, nitrogen, and argon for atmospheric and subatmospheric pressures
NL Aleksandrov, SB Bodrov, MV Tsarev, AA Murzanev, YA Sergeev, ...
Physical Review E 94 (1), 013204, 2016
Femtosecond laser pulse-induced breakdown of a single water microdroplet
ES Efimenko, YA Malkov, AA Murzanev, AN Stepanov
JOSA B 31 (3), 534-541, 2014
Study of the plasma wave excited by intense femtosecond laser pulses in a dielectric capillary
V Eremin, Y Malkov, V Korolikhin, A Kiselev, S Skobelev, A Stepanov, ...
Physics of Plasmas 19 (9), 093121, 2012
Textured Neural Avatars
A Shysheya, E Zakharov, KA Aliev, R Bashirov, E Burkov, K Iskakov, ...
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2019
Geometric explanation of the rich-club phenomenon in complex networks
M Csigi, A Kőrösi, J Bíró, Z Heszberger, Y Malkov, A Gulyás
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-8, 2017
Collimated quasi-monochromatic beams of accelerated electrons in the interaction of a weak-contrast intense femtosecond laser pulse with a metal foil
YA Malkov, AN Stepanov, DA Yashunin, LP Pugachev, PR Levashov, ...
High Power Laser Science and Engineering 1 (2), 80-87, 2013
Comparative study of nonlinear optical properties of Ge-SI glasses with different macrocompositions
DA Yashunin, АP Velmuzhov, АV Nezhdanov, АА Murzanev, YА Malkov, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 453, 84-87, 2016
Non-metric space library manual
B Naidan, L Boytsov, Y Malkov, D Novak
arXiv preprint arXiv:1508.05470, 2015
Initiation and channelling of a microwave discharge by a plasma filament created in atmospheric air by an intense femtosecond laser pulse
SB Bodrov, DI Kulagin, YA Malkov, AA Murzanev, AI Smirnov, ...
Journal of physics D: applied physics 45 (4), 045202, 2012
Fabrication of microchannels in fused silica using femtosecond Bessel beams
DA Yashunin, YA Malkov, LA Mochalov, AN Stepanov
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (9), 093106, 2015
Growing Homophilic Networks Are Natural Navigable Small Worlds
YA Malkov
PLoS ONE, e0158162, 2015
Features of the generation of a collisionless electrostatic shock wave in a laser-ablation plasma
MA Garasev, AI Korytin, VV Kocharovsky, YA Mal’kov, AA Murzanev, ...
JETP letters 105 (3), 164-168, 2017
Laser acceleration of electrons in two-dimensionally inhomogeneous plasma at the boundary of a metal foil
LP Pugachev, NE Andreev, PR Levashov, YA Malkov, AN Stepanov, ...
Plasma Physics Reports 41 (7), 542-552, 2015
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