Alexander Filkov
Alexander Filkov
The University of Melbourne, Faculty of Science, School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences
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Impact of Australia's catastrophic 2019/20 bushfire season on communities and environment. Retrospective analysis and current trends
AI Filkov, T Ngo, S Matthews, S Telfer, TD Penman
Journal of safety science and resilience 1 (1), 44-56, 2020
Experimental procedures characterising firebrand generation in wildland fires
M El Houssami, E Mueller, A Filkov, JC Thomas, N Skowronski, ...
Fire technology 52, 731-751, 2016
Investigation of firebrand production during prescribed fires conducted in a pine forest
A Filkov, S Prohanov, E Mueller, D Kasymov, P Martynov, M El Houssami, ...
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (2), 3263-3270, 2017
Investigation of firebrand generation from an experimental fire: Development of a reliable data collection methodology
JC Thomas, EV Mueller, S Santamaria, M Gallagher, M El Houssami, ...
Fire Safety Journal 91, 864-871, 2017
A field experiment on grass fire effects on wooden constructions and peat layer ignition
AM Grishin, AI Filkov, EL Loboda, VV Reyno, AV Kozlov, VT Kuznetsov, ...
International Journal of Wildland Fire 23 (3), 445-449, 2014
Kinetic investigation on the smouldering combustion of boreal peat
D Cancellieri, V Leroy-Cancellieri, E Leoni, A Simeoni, АY Kuzin, АI Filkov, ...
Fuel 93, 479-485, 2012
A deterministic-probabilistic system for predicting forest fire hazard
AM Grishin, AI Filkov
Fire Safety Journal 46 (1-2), 56-62, 2011
Utilization of remote sensing techniques for the quantification of fire behavior in two pine stands
EV Mueller, N Skowronski, K Clark, M Gallagher, R Kremens, JC Thomas, ...
Fire Safety Journal 91, 845-854, 2017
Experimental investigation of surface litter ignition by bark firebrands
A Filkov, D Kasymov, V Zima, O Matvienko
AIP Conference Proceedings 1698 (1), 2016
Exploring the key drivers of forest flammability in wet eucalypt forests using expert-derived conceptual models
JG Cawson, V Hemming, A Ackland, W Anderson, D Bowman, ...
Landscape Ecology 35, 1775-1798, 2020
Ignition of various wood species by radiant energy
VT Kuznetsov, AI Fil’kov
Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves 47, 65-69, 2011
Determination of smoldering time and thermal characteristics of firebrands under laboratory conditions
V Fateev, M Agafontsev, S Volkov, A Filkov
Fire Safety Journal 91, 791-799, 2017
Simulation of fuel bed ignition by wildland firebrands
OV Matvienko, DP Kasymov, AI Filkov, OI Daneyko, DA Gorbatov
International journal of wildland fire 27 (8), 550-561, 2018
Improving fire behaviour data obtained from wildfires
AI Filkov, TJ Duff, TD Penman
Forests 9 (2), 81, 2018
Energetic potential and kinetic behavior of peats
V Leroy-Cancellieri, D Cancellieri, E Leoni, A Simeoni, AI Filkov
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 117, 1497-1508, 2014
Investigation into the structure of a swirling flow in a model of a vortex combustion chamber by laser doppler anemometry
IS Anufriev, YA Anikin, AI Fil’kov, EL Loboda, MV Agafontseva, ...
Technical Physics Letters 39, 30-32, 2013
Investigation of structural wood ignition by firebrand accumulation
S Santamaria, K Kempná, JC Thomas, M El Houssami, E Mueller, ...
First international conference on structures safety under fire blast …, 2015
Comparative study to evaluate the drying kinetics of boreal peats from micro to macro scales
AI Filkov, AY Kuzin, OV Sharypov, V Leroy-Cancellieri, D Cancellieri, ...
Energy & fuels 26 (1), 349-356, 2012
Frequency of dynamic fire behaviours in Australian forest environments
AI Filkov, TJ Duff, TD Penman
Fire 3 (1), 1, 2019
Quantifying merging fire behaviour phenomena using unmanned aerial vehicle technology
A Filkov, B Cirulis, T Penman
International Journal of Wildland Fire 30 (3), 197-214, 2020
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