Nikolay Kazantsev
Nikolay Kazantsev
University of Manchester
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Newer approach to create flexible business architecture of modern enterprise
A Gromoff, N Kazantsev, D Kozhevnikov, M Ponfilenok, Y Stavenko
Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management 13 (4), 207-215, 2012
Business process model reasoning: from workflow to case management
Y Stavenko, N Kazantsev, A Gromoff
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Business architecture flexibility as a result of knowledge-intensive process management
A Gromoff, Y Bilinkis, N Kazantsev
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Increasing the adoption of social collaboration software
M Komarov, N Kazantsev, M Grevtsov
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Business transformation based on cloud services
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Potential innovations (new ideas/trends) detection in information network
D Romanov, M Ponfilenok, N Kazantsev
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Automatic business process model assembly on the basis of subject-oriented semantic process mark-up
A Gromoff, N Kazantsev, P Shapkin, L Shumsky
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Measuring influence of internationalized universities on smart city development in terms of human capital and urban aspects
N Kazantsev, I Zakhlebin
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Modern era in business architecture Design
A Gromoff, N Kazantsev, K Evina, M Ponfilenok, D Kozhevnikov
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An approach to knowledge management in construction service–oriented architecture
A Gromoff, N Kazantsev, J Bilinkis
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An approach to automate health monitoring in compliance with personal privacy
N Kazantsev, D Korolev, D Torshin, A Mikhailova
ICSH, 26-30, 2015
A synthetic approach to building a canonical model of subject areas in the integration bus
V Roslovtsev, L Shumsky, B Evgeny, B Anastasya, N Kazantsev
2013 3rd International Symposium ISKO-Maghreb, 1-7, 2013
Software Engineering for Enterprise System Agility: Emerging Research and Opportunities: Emerging Research and Opportunities
SV Zykov, A Gromoff, NS Kazantsev
IGI Global, 2018
Formation of Demand-Driven Collaborations between Suppliers in Industry 4.0 Production Networks
N Kazantsev, G Pishchulov, N Mehandjiev, P Sampaio, J Zolkiewski
PrePrints, 20th International Working Seminar on Production Economics …, 2018
Best Practices for a Scientific Seminar in Business Process Management for Master Students at Russian University
N Kazantsev, Y Gorchakov, Y Bilinkis, D Torshin
Strategic Innovative Marketing, 629-633, 2017
How internet of things influences human behavior building social web of services via agent-based approach
M Komarov, N Konovalov, N Kazantsev
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Entropy-based approach for semi-structured processes enhancement
E Filimonova, N Kazantsev, A Zueva
The ethics of big data: Analytical survey
L Voronova, N Kazantsev
2015 IEEE 17th Conference on Business Informatics 2, 57-63, 2015
Modern necessities in educational process innovation
A Gromoff, J Stavenko, K Evina
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Modern Era In Business Architecture Design
K Evina, A Gromoff, N Kazantsev, D Kozhevnikov
READINGS BOOK, 208, 2012
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