Ziao Fu
Ziao Fu
Postdoc associate, Rockefeller University
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Structure and activity of lipid bilayer within a membrane-protein transporter
W Qiu, Z Fu, GG Xu, RA Grassucci, Y Zhang, J Frank, WA Hendrickson, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (51), 12985-12990, 2018
Late steps in bacterial translation initiation visualized using time-resolved cryo-EM
S Kaledhonkar, Z Fu, K Caban, W Li, B Chen, M Sun, RL Gonzalez Jr, ...
Nature 570 (7761), 400-404, 2019
A fast and effective microfluidic spraying-plunging method for high-resolution single-particle cryo-EM
X Feng, Z Fu, S Kaledhonkar, Y Jia, B Shah, A Jin, Z Liu, M Sun, B Chen, ...
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Mechanism of nucleated conformational conversion of Aβ42
Z Fu, D Aucoin, J Davis, WE Van Nostrand, SO Smith
Biochemistry 54 (27), 4197-4207, 2015
Capping of Aβ42 oligomers by small molecule inhibitors
Z Fu, D Aucoin, M Ahmed, M Ziliox, WE Van Nostrand, SO Smith
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Key intermediates in ribosome recycling visualized by time-resolved cryoelectron microscopy
Z Fu, S Kaledhonkar, A Borg, M Sun, B Chen, RA Grassucci, M Ehrenberg, ...
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The structural basis for release-factor activation during translation termination revealed by time-resolved cryogenic electron microscopy
Z Fu, G Indrisiunaite, S Kaledhonkar, B Shah, M Sun, B Chen, ...
Nature Communications 10, 2019
Structure of human GABAB receptor in an inactive state
J Park, Z Fu, A Frangaj, J Liu, L Mosyak, T Shen, VN Slavkovich, KM Ray, ...
Nature 584 (7820), 304-309, 2020
Conformational changes induced by the A21G Flemish mutation in the amyloid precursor protein lead to increased Aβ production
TC Tang, Y Hu, P Kienlen-Campard, L El Haylani, M Decock, J Van Hees, ...
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Mechanism of ligand activation of a eukaryotic cyclic nucleotide− gated channel
X Zheng, Z Fu, D Su, Y Zhang, M Li, Y Pan, H Li, S Li, RA Grassucci, ...
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Time-resolved cryo-electron microscopy using a microfluidic chip
S Kaledhonkar, Z Fu, H White, J Frank
Protein Complex Assembly: Methods and Protocols, 59-71, 2018
Cerebral vascular amyloid seeds drive amyloid β-protein fibril assembly with a distinct anti-parallel structure
F Xu, Z Fu, S Dass, AME Kotarba, J Davis, SO Smith, WE Van Nostrand
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Structural and functional characterization of the bestrophin-2 anion channel
AP Owji, Q Zhao, C Ji, A Kittredge, A Hopiavuori, Z Fu, N Ward, OB Clarke, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 27 (4), 382-391, 2020
Early-onset formation of parenchymal plaque amyloid abrogates cerebral microvascular amyloid accumulation in transgenic mice
F Xu, AME Kotarba, MH Ou-Yang, Z Fu, J Davis, SO Smith, ...
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Symmetric activation and modulation of the human calcium-sensing receptor
J Park, H Zuo, A Frangaj, Z Fu, LY Yen, Z Zhang, L Mosyak, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (51), e2115849118, 2021
High-resolution view of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase initiation complexes and inhibition by NNRTI drugs
B Ha, KP Larsen, J Zhang, Z Fu, E Montabana, LN Jackson, DH Chen, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 2500, 2021
Combination of supercritical fluid extraction with counter‐current chromatography to isolate anthocyanidins from the petals of Chaenomeles sinensis based on …
S Li, L Guo, C Liu, Z Fu, Y Zhang
Journal of separation science 36 (21-22), 3517-3526, 2013
Elastic properties and shape of the Piezo dome underlying its mechanosensory function
CA Haselwandter, YR Guo, Z Fu, R MacKinnon
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (40), e2208034119, 2022
Quantitative prediction and measurement of Piezo's membrane footprint
CA Haselwandter, YR Guo, Z Fu, R MacKinnon
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (40), e2208027119, 2022
Anti-parallel β-hairpin structure in soluble Aβ oligomers of Aβ40-Dutch and Aβ40-Iowa
Z Fu, WE Van Nostrand, SO Smith
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (3), 1225, 2021
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