Teresita M. Porter
Teresita M. Porter
Research Scientist, Natural Resources Canada
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Simultaneous assessment of the macrobiome and microbiome in a bulk sample of tropical arthropods through DNA metasystematics
J Gibson, S Shokralla, TM Porter, I King, S van Konynenburg, DH Janzen, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (22), 8007-8012, 2014
Preserving Accuracy in GenBank
MI Bidartondo
Science 319 (5870), 1616, 2008
The cantharelloid clade: dealing with incongruent gene trees and phylogenetic reconstruction methods
JM Moncalvo, RH Nilsson, B Koster, SM Dunham, T Bernauer, ...
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A comprehensive, automatically updated fungal ITS sequence dataset for reference-based chimera control in environmental sequencing efforts.
RH Nilsson, L Tedersoo, M Ryberg, E Kristiansson, M Hartmann, ...
Microbes and Environmens 30 (2), 145-150, 2015
Massively parallel multiplex DNA sequencing for specimen identification using an Illumina MiSeq platform
S Shokralla, TM Porter, JF Gibson, R Dobosz, DH Janzen, W Hallwachs, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-7, 2015
Five simple guidelines for establishing basic authenticity and reliability of newly generated fungal ITS sequences.
RH Nilsson, L Tedersoo, K Abarenkov, M Ryberg, E Kristiansson, ...
MycoKeys, 2012
Scaling up: A guide to high throughput genomic approaches for biodiversity analysis.
T Porter, M Hajibabaei
Molecular Ecology 27 (2), 313-338, 2018
Improving ITS sequence data for identification of plant pathogenic fungi
RH Nilsson, KD Hyde, J Pawłowska, M Ryberg, L Tedersoo, AB Aas, ...
Fungal Diversity 67 (1), 11-19, 2014
Rapid degradation of Deepwater Horizon spilled oil by indigenous microbial communities in Louisiana salt marsh sediments.
N Mahmoudi, T Porter, A Zimmerman, R Fulthorpe, G Kasozi, B Silliman, ...
Environmental Science and Technology 47, 13303-13312, 2013
Widespread occurrence and phylogenetic placement of a soil clone group adds a prominent new branch to the fungal tree of life.
TM Porter, CW Schadt, L Rizvi, AP Martin, SK Schmidt, L Scott-Denton, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 46, 635-644, 2008
Fruiting body and soil rDNA sampling detects complementary assemblage of Agaricomycotina (Basidiomycota, Fungi) in a hemlock‐dominated forest plot in southern Ontario
TM Porter, JE Skillman, JM MONCALVO
Molecular Ecology 17 (13), 3037-3050, 2008
Factors that affect large subunit ribosomal DNA amplicon sequencing studies of fungal communities: classification method, primer choice, and error
TM Porter, GB Golding
PLoS ONE 7 (4), e35749, 2012
Structure, function, and phylogeny of the mating locus in the Rhizopus oryzae complex
AP Gryganskyi, SC Lee, AP Litvintseva, ME Smith, G Bonito, TM Porter, ...
PLoS One 5 (12), e15273, 2010
Over 2.5 million COI sequences in GenBank and growing
T Porter, M Hajibabaei
PLoS ONE 13, e0200177, 2018
Are similarity‐or phylogeny‐based methods more appropriate for classifying internal transcribed spacer (ITS) metagenomic amplicons?
TM Porter, G Brian Golding
New Phytologist 192 (3), 775-782, 2011
Automated high throughput animal CO1 metabarcode classification
T Porter, M Hajibabaei
Scientific Reports 8, 4226, 2018
Ancient pathogen DNA in archaeological samples detected with a Microbial Detection Array
AM Devault, K McLoughlin, C Jaing, S Gardner, TM Porter, JM Enk, ...
Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-8, 2014
DNA metabarcoding and morphological macroinvertebrate metrics reveal the same changes in boreal watersheds across an environmental gradient
CE Emilson, DG Thompson, LA Venier, TM Porter, T Swystun, ...
Scientific Reports, 2017
Studying ecosystems with DNA metabarcoding: lessons from biomonitoring of aquatic macroinvertebrates
A Bush, ZG Compson, WA Monk, TM Porter, R Steeves, E Emilson, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7, 434, 2019
Rapid and accurate taxonomic classification of insect (class Insecta) cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 (COI) DNA barcode sequences using a naïve Bayesian classifier
TM Porter, JF Gibson, S Shokralla, DJ Baird, GB Golding, M Hajibabaei
Molecular Ecology Resources 14 (5), 929-942, 2014
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