Heida Maria Sigurdardottir
Heida Maria Sigurdardottir
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Iceland
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Repetition streaks increase perceptual sensitivity in visual search of brief displays
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Impaired recognition of faces and objects in dyslexia: Evidence for ventral stream dysfunction?
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On the benefits of transient attention across the visual field
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Backlash in gender equality? Fathers’ parental leave during a time of economic crisis
HM Sigurdardottir, Ó Garðarsdóttir
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Specific problems in visual cognition of dyslexic readers: Face discrimination deficits predict dyslexia over and above discrimination of scrambled faces and novel objects
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Expertise and object recognition
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The Architect Who Lost the Ability to Imagine: The Cerebral Basis of Visual Imagery
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The neurophysiology of attention and object recognition in visual scenes in
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Faces and words are both associated and dissociated: Evidence from visual problems in dyslexia
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Laterality effect (face perception)
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Lateral Intraparietal Region (LIP)
HM Sigurdardottir
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Reading Problems as Visual Problems: The Possible Roles of Visual Expertise and Feature-Based Processing
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Journal of Vision 16 (12), 1315-1315, 2016
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