Ivan Pelivanov
Ivan Pelivanov
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Optical coherence elastography in ophthalmology
MA Kirby, I Pelivanov, S Song, Ł Ambrozinski, SJ Yoon, L Gao, D Li, ...
Journal of biomedical optics 22 (12), 121720-121720, 2017
Acoustic micro-tapping for non-contact 4D imaging of tissue elasticity
Ł Ambroziński, S Song, SJ Yoon, I Pelivanov, D Li, L Gao, TT Shen, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 38967, 2016
Laser ultrasonic diagnostics of residual stress
A Karabutov, A Devichensky, A Ivochkin, M Lyamshev, I Pelivanov, ...
Ultrasonics 48 (6-7), 631-635, 2008
Deep-learning image reconstruction for real-time photoacoustic system
MW Kim, GS Jeng, I Pelivanov, M O’Donnell
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 39 (11), 3379-3390, 2020
High resolution imaging of impacted CFRP composites with a fiber-optic laser-ultrasound scanner
I Pelivanov, Ł Ambroziński, A Khomenko, EG Koricho, GL Cloud, M Haq, ...
Photoacoustics 4 (2), 55-64, 2016
Optoacoustic imaging of absorbing objects in a turbid medium: ultimate sensitivity and application to breast cancer diagnostics
TD Khokhlova, IM Pelivanov, VV Kozhushko, AN Zharinov, VS Solomatin, ...
Applied optics 46 (2), 262-272, 2007
Nearly-incompressible transverse isotropy (NITI) of cornea elasticity: model and experiments with acoustic micro-tapping OCE
JJ Pitre Jr, MA Kirby, DS Li, TT Shen, RK Wang, M O’Donnell, I Pelivanov
Scientific reports 10 (1), 12983, 2020
A new fiber-optic non-contact compact laser-ultrasound scanner for fast non-destructive testing and evaluation of aircraft composites
I Pelivanov, T Buma, J Xia, CW Wei, M O'Donnell
Journal of applied physics 115 (11), 2014
Real-time integrated photoacoustic and ultrasound (PAUS) imaging system to guide interventional procedures: ex vivo study
CW Wei, TM Nguyen, J Xia, B Arnal, EY Wong, IM Pelivanov, M O'Donnell
IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control 62 …, 2015
Nonlinear contrast enhancement in photoacoustic molecular imaging with gold nanosphere encapsulated nanoemulsions
C Wei, M Lombardo, K Larson-Smith, I Pelivanov, C Perez, J Xia, T Matula, ...
Applied Physics Letters 104 (3), 2014
Focused array transducer for two-dimensional optoacoustic tomography
V Kozhushko, T Khokhlova, A Zharinov, I Pelivanov, V Solomatin, ...
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 116 (3), 1498-1506, 2004
Determination of the optical characteristics of turbid media by the laser optoacoustic method
AA Karabutov, IM Pelivanov, NB Podymova, SE Skipetrov
Quantum Electronics 29 (12), 1054, 1999
NDT of fiber-reinforced composites with a new fiber-optic pump–probe laser-ultrasound system
I Pelivanov, T Buma, J Xia, CW Wei, M O’Donnell
Photoacoustics 2 (2), 63-74, 2014
Sono-photoacoustic imaging of gold nanoemulsions: Part I. Exposure thresholds
B Arnal, C Perez, CW Wei, J Xia, M Lombardo, I Pelivanov, TJ Matula, ...
Photoacoustics 3 (1), 3-10, 2015
Strategies to improve phase-stability of ultrafast swept source optical coherence tomography for single shot imaging of transient mechanical waves at 16 kHz frame rate
S Song, W Wei, BY Hsieh, I Pelivanov, TT Shen, M O'Donnell, RK Wang
Applied physics letters 108 (19), 2016
Real-time interleaved spectroscopic photoacoustic and ultrasound (PAUS) scanning with simultaneous fluence compensation and motion correction
GS Jeng, ML Li, MW Kim, SJ Yoon, JJ Pitre Jr, DS Li, I Pelivanov, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 716, 2021
Trapping and photoacoustic detection of CTCs at the single cell per milliliter level with magneto-optical coupled nanoparticles
X Hu, CW Wei, J Xia, I Pelivanov, M O'Donnell, X Gao
Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany) 9 (12), 2046, 2013
Polypyrrole-coated perfluorocarbon nanoemulsions as a sono-photoacoustic contrast agent
DS Li, SJ Yoon, I Pelivanov, M Frenz, M O’Donnell, LD Pozzo
Nano letters 17 (10), 6184-6194, 2017
Spatial resolution in dynamic optical coherence elastography
MA Kirby, K Zhou, JJ Pitre Jr, L Gao, D Li, I Pelivanov, S Song, C Li, ...
Journal of biomedical optics 24 (9), 096006-096006, 2019
Laser-induced cavitation in nanoemulsion with gold nanospheres for blood clot disruption: in vitro results
C Wei, J Xia, M Lombardo, C Perez, B Arnal, K Larson-Smith, I Pelivanov, ...
Optics letters 39 (9), 2599-2602, 2014
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