Aitor Forcada
Aitor Forcada
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Marine reserves: fish life history and ecological traits matter
J Claudet, CW Osenberg, P Domenici, F Badalamenti, M Milazzo, ...
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Aquaculture’s struggle for space: the need for coastal spatial planning and the potential benefits of Allocated Zones for Aquaculture (AZAs) to avoid conflict and promote …
P Sanchez-Jerez, I Karakassis, F Massa, D Fezzardi, J Aguilar-Manjarrez, ...
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A conceptual framework for the integral management of marine protected areas
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Long-distance benefits of marine reserves: myth or reality?
S Manel, N Loiseau, M Andrello, K Fietz, R Goñi, A Forcada, P Lenfant, ...
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E Tzanatos, J Castro, A Forcada, S Matić-Skoko, M Gaspar, ...
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A Ulman, J Ferrario, A Forcada, C Arvanitidis, A Occhipinti-Ambrogi, ...
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Introduced marine macroflora of Lebanon and its distribution on the Levantine coast
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Sustainable desalination: Long-term monitoring of brine discharge in the marine environment
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Restricted dispersal in a sea of gene flow
L Benestan, K Fietz, N Loiseau, PE Guerin, E Trofimenko, S Rühs, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288 (1951), 20210458, 2021
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