Erik Learned-Miller
Erik Learned-Miller
Professor of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Labeled Faces in the Wild: A Database for Studying Face Recognition in Unconstrained Environments
GB Huang, M Ramesh, T Berg, E Learned-Miller
Multi-view convolutional neural networks for 3d shape recognition
H Su, S Maji, E Kalogerakis, E Learned-Miller
Proceedings of the IEEE international conference on computer vision, 945-953, 2015
FDDB: A benchmark for face detection in unconstrained settings
V Jain, EG Learned-Miller
UMass Amherst Technical Report, 2010
Distribution fields for tracking
L Sevilla-Lara, E Learned-Miller
2012 IEEE Conference on computer vision and pattern recognition, 1910-1917, 2012
Face Detection with the Faster R-CNN
H Jiang, E Learned-Miller
Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, 2017
Names and faces in the news
TL Berg, AC Berg, J Edwards, M Maire, R White, YW Teh, ...
Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision …, 2004
Learning hierarchical representations for face verification with convolutional deep belief networks
GB Huang, H Lee, E Learned-Miller
2012 IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern recognition, 2518-2525, 2012
Labeled faces in the wild: A survey
E Learned-Miller, GB Huang, A RoyChowdhury, H Li, G Hua
Advances in face detection and facial image analysis, 189-248, 2016
Learning from one example through shared densities on transforms
EG Miller, NE Matsakis, PA Viola
Proceedings IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. CVPR …, 2000
Unsupervised joint alignment of complex images
GB Huang, V Jain, E Learned-Miller
2007 IEEE 11th international conference on computer vision, 1-8, 2007
Super slomo: High quality estimation of multiple intermediate frames for video interpolation
H Jiang, D Sun, V Jampani, MH Yang, E Learned-Miller, J Kautz
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2018
ICA using spacings estimates of entropy
EG Learned-Miller, JW Fisher III
The Journal of Machine Learning Research 4, 1271-1295, 2003
Data driven image models through continuous joint alignment
EG Learned-Miller
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 28 (2), 236-250, 2005
Apparatus for neurosurgical stereotactic procedures
M Carol, JL Day, EG Miller, RJ Riker
US Patent 5,695,501, 1997
Learning to align from scratch
G Huang, M Mattar, H Lee, E Learned-Miller
Advances in neural information processing systems 25, 2012
Labeled faces in the wild: Updates and new reporting procedures
GB Huang, E Learned-Miller
Dept. Comput. Sci., Univ. Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA, USA, Tech. Rep …, 2014
Combining local and global image features for object class recognition
DA Lisin, MA Mattar, MB Blaschko, EG Learned-Miller, MC Benfield
2005 IEEE computer society conference on computer vision and pattern …, 2005
Scene text recognition using similarity and a lexicon with sparse belief propagation
JJ Weinman, E Learned-Miller, AR Hanson
IEEE Transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence 31 (10), 1733 …, 2009
Augmenting CRFs with Boltzmann machine shape priors for image labeling
A Kae, K Sohn, H Lee, E Learned-Miller
Proceedings of the IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern …, 2013
Online domain adaptation of a pre-trained cascade of classifiers
V Jain, E Learned-Miller
CVPR 2011, 577-584, 2011
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